Dress Code

  • STUDENT DRESS CODE for BHESA (2024-25):


    TOPS: BUTTON-UP shirts with collars:

    1) Shirts must be one of the following SOLID colors:  BLACK, PURPLE, or ORANGE.

    2) Shirts must not have any words, graphics, slogans, or pictures.  However, approved BHESA logo/spirit-wear will be permitted.  

    3)  Collared shirts may be short or long sleeves.

    4) Shirts may not be excessively tight, excessively big or low-cut 

    5) Spirt-wear t-Shirts with BHESA logo is permitted.  

    6) Clothing worn under uniform must be solid black, purple, orange or white without commercial logos/writing


     BOTTOMS-- Pants, Shorts, Capris  Skirts  Jumpers  and Skorts    

    1) Bottoms must be the following solid color: KHAKI

    2) Bottoms must be cotton twill or cotton blend twill--no denim or denim-like, velvet, velour, sweat, nylon, flannel, lycra, or knit. (NO YOGA or LEGGINGS)

    3) Bottoms must not have any words or graphics.

    4) Bottoms must fit appropriately at the waist 

    5) Bottoms must not have holes, tears, rips, chains, laces, extra zippers, straps, or buckles. 

    6) Bottoms must be at least long enough that the hem and/or slits in bottoms reach your middle finger when your arms are at your sides. 

    7) Clothing worn under uniform must be solid black, purple, orange or white without commercial logos/writing


    OUTERWEAR: Sweaters, Vests, Pullovers and Light Jackets 

     1) Outerwear(lightweight)  worn indoors/in the building must be one of the following solid colors: BLACK, PURPLE, ORANGE  

    2) Outerwear must be fleece, wool, cotton, nylon or poly-blend (no denim or thermal or waffle-style). 

    3) Outerwear must not have any words, graphics, slogans, or pictures. Approved BHESA spirit outerwear is permitted..  

    4) Outerwear (appropriate and lightweight) can be worn over approved uniform shirts when needed inside the building.  

    5) Hoodies will not be worn on the head inside the building.

    6) Heavy outerwear will not be worn inside the building. (Puffy vests and puffy jackets are for outdoors)



    1) Belts may be of any color or design as long as manufacturer logos are not visible and they contain no inappropriate graphics or text.

    2) Bandanas are not permitted. 

    3) Accessories (ex. jewelry, belts, etc.) with studs, spikes, safety pins, or oversized chains are not permitted. 

    3) Headwear will not be allowed to be worn in the building (unless required by a religion).  

    4) Masks are optional while at school.   Masks should not be disruptive to the school environment.  

    5) Sunglasses are not to be worn inside the building.

    6) Possession and Use of Electronic Devices. Prohibited uses of a cell phone, or other electronic devices such as a smartphone, are defined to include, but are not limited to phone ringing, talking on phone, taking pictures, browsing, gaming and text messaging.  Any smart watches (i.e. Apple watch) or electronic tracking devices (i.e. AngelSense) must have all recording/listening capabilities turned off or disabled except pursuant to an authorized instructional activity. 


    SHOES (Required) --students are encouraged to wear tennis shoes/sneaker for PE and recess.

    1) Shoes must be closed-toe and closed heel; Sandals, Crocs/croc-like and flip-flops may not be worn for student safety. 

    2) Shoe heels and soles must not exceed 2” in height.

    3) Shoes with strings must be tied, and buckles, straps, or Velcro must be fastened at all times.


    At times, the class may have earned a classroom celebration and chose to dress out of uniform on a designated Friday or if the school is raising money for a cause.  Out of uniform days will be communicated by the teacher through a DOJO message.  

    On out of uniform days, clothing may not be: sleeveless, oversized, tight, see-through, off the shoulder/large neck hole, shorter than middle fingertip length when arms are down by the side, low cut, have holes in garments, or have inappropriate graphics, play-on-words, innuendos, drugs, alcohol, or gang affiliation, etc. and leggings/tights may not be worn as the bottom garment.

    Students may dress out of uniform if purchasing photos on picture days.


    Compliance is expected at all times.  BHESA is a school of choice.  Choosing to attend BHESA means that our students agree to the dress code policy.   Parents are to bring an appropriate change of clothing as necessary for each violation.  If the parent is unable to come to the school, the student will be removed from the classroom for the remainder of the day.   The BHESA administrative team may use discretion in determining whether or not dress, style, or accessories are inappropriate or distracting to the educational environment.  The administrative team also has discretion to amend the dress code if circumstances deem attention.