7th Grade Related Arts


    Yearlong Related Arts Descriptions

    Advanced Art with Mrs. Durbin and Ms. Hagler:

    Yearlong Art Courses are advanced and rigorous classes with an emphasis on elements and principles of art and color theory study, along with a focus on art history and appreciation of art in careers.  Students create a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D art and spend a more in depth amount of time on a variety of materials and art media.  Students keep their own personal sketchbook and large scale portfolio all year.  

     7th Grade Chorus with Ms. Vogel:

    7th Grade Chorus with Miss Vogel is a year-long singing class.  Students will learn how to correctly use their singing voice and learn how to read music using solfege.  There are two concerts; a winter concert and a spring concert.  Chorus students will also have the opportunity to perform at school-wide events throughout the year.

    Semester Long Related Arts Classes 

    Art with Mrs. Durbin and Ms. Hagler:

    Using Elements and Principles of Art as a foundation, students learn about artists and the history of art through project work and research. 2-D and 3D art is explored and art appreciation is a focus for learning about the many types of art. Students keep a sketchbook and portfolio for the duration of the semester.

    CS Discoveries with Code.org with Mrs. Courtney:

    Computer Science is an introductory computer science survey course. PRMS will be offering this new course as a semester-long class. The course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as programming, physical computing, HTML/CSS, and data. Students are empowered to create authentic artifacts and engage with CS as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun.

    General Music with Mrs. Vogel:

    7th Grade General Music with Miss Vogel is a semester piano/keyboard class.  Students will learn how to read music notation on the staff and play songs in various positions.  

    Public Speaking with Mr. Dobbins:

    In this course, students prepare and present a number of speeches.  Students will learn the skills to express their thoughts and ideas clearly and confidently. Through journal-writing, students will have opportunities to explore new ways to express their opinions about various topics. In addition, students will develop the ability to evaluate their classmates’ speeches through positive feedback and constructive criticism.

    Spanish with Mrs. Bass:

    7th grade Spanish is a semester-long course that introduces students in the language and prepares them for the next level if and when they decide to continue learning a foreign language.  

    Exploring Personal Characteristics and Careers with Dr. Dalesandro:

    Which Way Do I Go? - The 2nd course in the 3 layered Career Development Program. Students will realign their focus to “The World of Work”. Students reevaluate their career interests and strengths to identify how they have changed from the previous year (6th Grade). Students are introduced and complete a “deep dive” exploration into the 17 Career Clusters as recognized by the US Dept. of Education. The classroom environment focuses on developing professional “soft skills” and functions with the expectations of being successful in the workplace. This course is often the first-time students are expected to begin making a serious consideration on what direction they want to pursue for their future career.