8th Grade Related Arts


    Yearlong Related Arts Descriptions

    Advanced Art with Mrs. Durbin and Ms. Radke:

    Yearlong Art Courses are advanced and rigorous classes with an emphasis on elements and principles of art and color theory study, along with a focus on art history and appreciation of art in careers.  Students create a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D are and spend a more in depth amount of time on a variety of materials and art media.  Students keep their own personal sketchbook and large scale portfolio all year.  


    Chorus with Mrs. Guerra:

    8th Grade Chorus with Miss Vogel is a year-long singing class.  Students will learn how to correctly use their singing voice and learn how to read music using solfege.  There are two concerts; a winter concert and a spring concert.  Chorus students will also have the opportunity to perform at school-wide events throughout the year.

    Spanish 1 with Mrs. Bass:

    Spanish I for High School credit is a yearlong course that gives students the opportunity to complete credits for the first semester of Spanish so they can start Spanish 2 in High School. 


    Broadcast News/Yearbook with Mrs. Helms:

    Students are responsible for learning journalistic skills and applying them to the production of WPRM News. Students will film the morning news/announcements and upload it to PRMS YouTube channel.  Teachers can show to their class in the mornings or students can go to the PRMS YouTube channel and view the morning news.  Through this process, students will learn the process of being an anchor, script writer, videographer, and editor. Students will also be responsible for gathering news stories that pertain to the school.  

    Producing a school yearbook is a huge responsibility. It may be stressful, but it will be so rewarding once the task is completed.  In this class it will be your responsibility to successfully learn how to complete a published book of memories that thoroughly covers all aspects of our school throughout the school year.  As a class member, you will be expected to complete the yearbook curriculum, write yearbook copy, take photographs of all school events, create layouts and edit.  Covering school events can include spending time before school hours, during the school day, and after school hours as required by the covered events.  Students must meet all deadlines in order to have the yearbook completed by the due date set by the publishing company.

    Students must be enthusiastic about creatively showing every facet of our diverse school population!


    Semester Long Related Arts Classes 

    Art with Mrs. Durbin and Ms. Radke:

    Using Elements and Principles of Art as a foundation, students learn about artists and the history of art through project work and research. 2-D and 3D  art is explored and art appreciation is a focus for learning about the many types of art. Students keep a sketchbook and portfolio for the duration of the semester.

    Exploring Careers with STEM with Mr. Hysinger:

    Exploring Careers through STEM is a platform for students to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills needed for career opportunities in the 21st Century. The project and problem-based learning style develops critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to enhance these skills. Seventh and eighth grade students use a national curriculum called Project Lead the Way. In Seventh Grade, the curriculum is Design and Modeling. In eighth grade, students use the Project Lead the Curriculum called Automation and Robotics.

    General Music with Mrs. Guerra:

    8th Grade General Music with Mrs. Guerra is a semester piano/keyboard class.  Students will learn how to read music notation on the staff, play songs in various positions, and learn how to play chords.  A music composition project is also a big part of this course.

    Spanish with Mrs. Bass:

    The course reinforces the concepts seen in 7th grade and introduces new students to Spanish. This is a good way to prepare to start Spanish in High School.

    Exploring Personal Characteristics and Careers with Mrs. Charlton:

    The mission of the Middle Grades Career Development Program is to allow all students to participate in activities intended to explore career opportunities so that they are more prepared to make wise decisions about education pathways in high school to prepare them for future career goal choices in high school and beyond.


    Business & Economics with Mr. Peoples:

    7th Grade Exploring Business & Entrepreneurship - The goal is to learn the principles of business and the concepts of entrepreneurship.

    8th Grade Exploring Economic Systems - The main goal is to prepare the students for real world situations and to practice basic principles in case they decide to apply for a summer job in the near future.