November 17, 2020

November 17, 2020

DLI Advisory Council Meeting


  1. Welcome and assign someone to take notes
  2. Purpose of Council
    1. To create a sense of community and to provide an opportunity for dialogue to improve the Antioch Dual Language Program.
  3. DLI Page on the Antioch Elementary Website 
  4. Report from parents regarding changes to the DLI program at Antioch
    1. It is going great in 4th and 5th.  It is good that DLI students can interact with other students. (ex. Students in 5th go to Ms. Prince or Ms. White for reading.)
    2. Four days face to face is wonderful.  It has helped with students’ oral language skills.
    3. There is some concern in 4th grade that students are being split up since we no longer have Ms. Witt for English.  With that being said, parents do understand.
    4. In 2nd grade, Ms. Arocha is supporting Ms. Guzman while she teaches English reading.
    5. The car rider line is very organized.
  5. Questions & Concerns





Are we at risk of shutting down due to COVID?


We could shut down at any time.  We are doing the best we can to keep kids separated, but it is a balancing act.  We are doing everything we can to keep school open.

Are the bus drivers supposed to remind students to wear masks?


Students should keep their masks on during the bus ride.  If students are not doing so, parents should let Mr. Childers or Ms. Kelly know so they can follow up with the bus driver.  It is very difficult for the bus driver to monitor because the seat backs are so high.

If we shut down and go to virtual instruction only, will instruction be like the virtual academy or will it be mostly on-demand.


Mr. Childers would need to get input from the staff to make this decision.  He hopes that we could work towards live remote instruction.  However, we must also think about what parents need and many need the flexibility of on-demand lessons.  We may need a combination of live and on-demand instruction.

Can teachers please correct grammar (written and spoken) when students use it incorrectly?


That is a good reminder for us.  Teachers have a lot of their plates, but we understand this is important.

Looking to next year, will be able to replace Ms. Gomez since UCPS is in a hiring freeze?


We do not anticipate the hiring freeze extending into next year.

Has the school considered moving 4th and 5th grade Dual Language classes inside the building?


Yes. Conversations have taken place with both the DLI staff and the Virtual Staff. No one wishes to move their classroom at this time. There are other factors that impact this decision as well. The uncertainty of the school year and the possible return of students from virtual is but one of those factors. 



Next DLI Meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2021.