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Welcome to Union Elementary!

  • Welcome to our small school which has a big emphasis on family and literacy! Our school is special due to the dedicated staff members that work well together to make sure every child’s needs are met. We use use small groups daily to support students' academic needs! This allows for acceleration for students that are working above grade level and allows for individualization to reteach skills for students that need extra support. Our teachers plan together several times weekly to create rigorous and hands-on lessons; they also frequently review student data and growth with administration.  Teacher assistants are utilized in every grade level during the WIN block so that additional small groups can take place. 

    Beginning in 2022-2023, Union Elementary will incorporate a focus on Ag-Tech to align with EUMS and FHHS.  Our students will attend an Encore class to learn about topics such as natural resources, plant & animal science, life cycles, robotics used in farming, and possible Ag-Tech related careers.

    Our attention to student progress lead us to a national honor. Union Elementary was one of two schools chosen by the state of North Carolina to be selected for national recognition because of the success of our educational programs and progress made by our students. We were named a National Title I Distinguished School in California during February 2017. Afterward, we were asked to present to the State Board of Education so that other schools in NC could replicate the strategies that have made us successful. Union Elementary has also received three state recognitions for our efforts in implementing PBIS, a positive approach to school-wide discipline. At the county level, we have received recognition for our efforts in globalization; we believe in the importance of educating students to be aware of other cultures and learn about Future-Ready skills.

    Union Elementary seeks parental and community involvement.  During the 2015-2016 school year, we started Grade Level Traditions. These are events held during the school day for parents to attend to learn about what their child has been learning. For example, fifth grade parents are invited to a wax museum where the students dress as a famous person and give speeches & technology presentations to highlight what they have learned.  Other traditions include Thankful Thursday in Kindergarten and Fractured Fairy Tales in Second Grade.  Other events such as the Math Olympics, PTO performances, and curriculum nights are popular with parents.  Our PTO sponsors Muffins for Moms and Doughnuts for Dads so that parents can enjoy time with their children during the school day.  One of our biggest community events is the Fall Festival which is a tradition over 30 years old. This festival includes food, games, prizes, raffle baskets, silent auction, and the famous haunted hall.

    Union Elementary has special programs that students may choose to participate in including The Good News Club, Xcel to Fitness, and Girls on the Run.  Fourth and fifth-grade students that meet the criteria may participate in the AIG program or AIG Nurture Program.  All students participate in Encore classes for 40 minutes per day which could include PE, Art, Music, STEM, Guidance, and Media. Our Media Center has a MakerSpace Area and Lego wall.  All students in third-fifth grade are given a personal laptop as part of the county’s 1:1 initiative.  Students in K-2 grade have access to iPads and Chromebooks.

    Union Elementary is a wonderful small school where staff members work together to meet the needs of every student.  We have a family-oriented atmosphere and a big focus on literacy skills since this is the foundation to everything that children will encounter in the future.