Union Elementary School NC Report Card

  • Dear Parent,

    We provide regular updates to you about your student’s academic progress by sending home a Report Card. Once a year we provide you with updates on our school’s achievements through the North Carolina School Report Card.

    Please be mindful that the NC School Report Card is only one way to measure what is happening at Union Elementary.  We have many great initiatives in place to support the whole child. We are appreciative of our parental support and community partnerships.

    Based on our 2015-2016 EOG data, we were one of four finalists for the whole state of North Carolina for the Title I Distinguished Schools Program.  Schools may be nominated for high performance for two or more consecutive years or be nominated for high progress.  Union Elementary met eligibility requirements for both categories.  We went on to win as the NC School for High Progress and accepted the National Title I Distinguished Award in California in February!  Based on the 2016-2017 EOG data, we improved from an overall rating of a "C" to a rating of a "B."  We are so proud of everyone's hard work with helping this school become the absolute best that it can possibly be.  We will continue to look for ways to grow and improve.

    Staff members at Union Elementary are receiving professional development on a very routine basis.  During the Fall of 2017, we began a two year journey working with Safe and Civil Schools to learn strategies for creating an orderly, positive environment.  This training will enhance the work that we have done the past several years with PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support).  Last year, we won a Green Ribbon Award at the state level for our work in PBIS and feel that we will increase to the next highest award this year.  We kicked off the year with reviewing PBIS expectations with students regarding behavior.  Students are being held to high expectations and rewarded for making good choices.  Office referral have been cut in half over the past couple years! 

    Other examples of staff development include a focus on Word Study in K-2, Guided Reading, and the Great Leaps program.  We believe that literacy skills are the most important tools that we can give students before they head to middle school.  Reading and writing are life skills that will be used in every job and situation that students will face through adulthood.

    We are continuing to focus on 21st Century Skills.  Global lessons and concepts are taught throughout the year. Students use technology for a variety of reasons including Dreambox for Math and MyOn for online reading.  
    We love having parents and visitors in the building.  This will be our third year of hosting grade level traditions such as the Living History Museum in fifth grade and the Mother's Day Tea in first grade.  These traditions are geared at increasing parental involvement and showcasing our student work.  We also love hosting Curriculum Nights on the same evenings as PTO meetings.  Our goal is to enlighten parents about how we are teaching concepts so that you can support learning at home.

    I encourage you to review our Report Card carefully, then feel free to contact your child’s teacher or me to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the Report Card. I also welcome your feedback regarding other interests you have in our school. Thank you for allowing me to share this Report Card with you, and thank you for supporting our efforts to provide your child with a high-quality education.

    Jennifer Deaton, Principal

    Union Elementary


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