• Parent input is important to our school improvement process. Union County Public Schools cares about your voice. As a result, the UCPS Board of Education provides an appeal process for hearing concerns at multiple levels.

    You’ll find the UCPS BOE Policy 4-18: Appeals Policy here: https://www.ucps.k12.nc.us/cms/lib/NC01910453/Centricity/Domain/2241/UnionCountyBoardofEducationPolicyManual-AppealsPolicy-English.pdf 

    For school-based decisions, there is no formal document to facilitate an appeal. We appreciate the trust our school community has in the decisions made regarding the care and consideration we provide for our students. However, our school administration is open to parent input. To submit an appeal regarding school-based decisions, please email the principal, Dr. Gina Chisum, Gina.Chisum@ucps.k12.nc.us , stating the school-based decision that is subject to appeal. The appeal will be directed to the appropriate school-based team to review the email submitted. The school-based team will take the appeal under consideration. After the team considers the appeal, the decision will be communicated to the party submitting the appeal. School stakeholders will be informed of the change if a school-based decision is changed via communication platforms. If no change occurs, only the submitting party will be informed of the team's decision.