Sarah Mohr, 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year

  • SarahThis year, South Providence is ecstatic and elated to announce that Ms. Mohr is South Providence School’s Teacher of the Year! Ms. Mohr goes above and beyond to be the difference that inspires change for both students and staff, bringing a cheery opposition to those who may have a bad day.

    This year will mark Ms. Mohr’s 10th year in education having served 8.5 as a middle school social studies teacher, finishing up her first year in high school, here at South Providence. While Ms. Mohr’s class curriculum and room number may have changed in the last year, it’s safe to say that her love for classroom setup and decor has remained vigilant, as her learning space always flourishes to create a fun environment to learn in. Having graduated from Appalachian State University, Ms. Mohr pursued and achieved a bachelors in History- Secondary Education, in which Ms Mohr states, “I love working at SPS, and feel lucky to have worked with both the students and staff during my time here.”

    Ms. Mohr also talks about her passion and “Why” for teaching, Coming from a place of inspiration, as she herself had some amazing staff student relationships when she was a student learner in stating, “I became a teacher because I had some amazing teachers myself that showed me how fun Social Studies and History can be.” Additionally stating, “I actually used to think History was so boring, but I learned that good teachers can make any class interesting and fun.” Ms. Mohr exemplifies the importance of this statement not only in her classroom but around the school also as she creates dynamic scenery, stating “I enjoy bringing a little extra joy to the school building through bulletin boards, door decorations, or spirit days, even if that means I’m a little extra myself.” Lastly, Ms. Mohr shared that her favorite time period to teach is American Colonization, and the American Revolution, but all of History is special to her.


    Thank you Ms. Mohr for 10 years of dedicated service to students far and wide, your time here at SPS has made our school a better, safer, and enlightened place for learning and student success. As we congratulate you on being our 2023-2024 Teacher of the year we are excited to see how you continue your excellence in teaching, as you hopefully move towards another successful, exciting, and even Historical decade of continued education.