Minutes and Meeting Dates

  • All meetings are in person and are scheduled for 2:30-3:30 p.m. each month on the dates below. Any member of the school community is welcome to attend. 

What happens at a SIT Meeting?

  • We need more parent voices in our school improvement process! But if you agreed to join the team, what would you be doing? Monthly SIT meetings look like this:

    1. Teams in the building who own school improvement projects come and report out their progress towards their goals.  And the SIT members can ask questions and ask how we can support their team.  This part of the meeting keeps us focused on celebrating our goals but also helps us pay attention to goals and strategies that are struggling.
    2. The second part of the meeting will be group work on different projects or problems that need to be solved.  For example, one team might be reflecting on why the car rider line is going slow and how to speed it up, while another group could be reflecting on what our expectations are for parent conferences this year.  The topics and projects vary each meeting based on the need.
    3. Finally, the end of the meeting is a whole group discussion about celebrations, items that were submitted to team members for us to review/problem solve, upcoming events, projects, and the like.

    No one needs to be an expert on any one thing.  English is NOT required as translation can be supported.

    Email Mr. Ferguson if you want to join!

Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs about Behavior

  • East Elementary School Mission 

    Mission: We exist so that, "All East Eagles will Achieve High Levels of Learning."  

    East Elementary School Vision

    Vision: We envision a school where we, "Empower all students to become productive lifelong learners and successful members of society."

    East Elementary School Staff Professional Values 

    Valued characteristics of an East Elementary School Collaborator/Team Member

    East Elementary School Staff Beliefs about Behavior

    • Under Construction: East Elementary Staff are currently building a shared vision around our beliefs about student behavior and how it relates to realizing more of our mission every day.

School Improvement Goals

  • Student Learning Goals

    1. East Elementary’s overall grade level proficiency for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will meet or exceed 55%.  
    2. East Elementary’s growth status will score at the "exceed growth" level. 
    3. East Elementary’s school performance grade will demonstrate either a “D and Exceed Growth” or “C and Met Growth,’ which will exit the school from “low performing status.”  

    Student Culture Goals

    1. Student Major Office referrals will decrease by 25% from 394 to 295 by the end of the 2023-24 school year.
    2. Student participation in schoolwide celebrations will maintain 90–100% participation.

    Teacher Working Condition Goals

    1. Managing Student Conduct: “Students at this school follow rules of conduct" will increase from 24.4% agree to 50% agree or higher. 
    2. Teacher Leadership: “Teachers have an appropriate level of influence on decision-making in this school" will increase from 63.4% agree to 75% agree. 
    3. School Leadership: “There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in this school,” will increase from 65.9% agree to 76% agree.
    4. Overall Satisfaction will increase from 24th in the district to 15th (Beating the district average of approximately 78.8%)
    5. “My place is a good place to work and learn" will continue to surpass the elementary district average and increase from 82.9% agree to 90% agree. 

    Parent Engagement Goal

    #1 East Elementary will increase and/or create various positions, opportunities, and communication methods to leverage parents as leaders to engage and enhance our school.  (Once baseline data is collected a more measurable aspect will be added to this goal.)