School History

  • In the beginning, South Providence School started with a small Alternative High School program in the spring of 1994, A.C.E. Alternative Center for Education.  The following school year, the Alternative Middle School program began. In December of 1996, the Day Treatment Program moved to an alternative school. In 1997, we changed the name of our alternative school to reflect a place in which students come to succeed in an alternative environment; South Providence School, one in which they could be proud. In August of 2006, we expanded the Middle School program by 24 students and added an Interim Alternative Education Setting program for identified Exceptional Children and a Structured Day program for students at-risk of long-term suspension.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of school is South Providence School?

  • How does my child get referred to South Providence School?

  • What happens next?

  • How long is the program at South Providence School?

  • Is there transportation from my child's home school?

  • What are the academics like at South Providence School?

  • Is there a dress code at SPS?

  • What kind of activities are offered at SPS?

  • What happens when my child is able to exit South Providence School?

  • Are the teachers certified?

  • How is the school day run?

  • What schools are represented at SPS?

  • What if I don't live within the Union County Public Schools boundary and my district doesn't have a program like SPS?

  • Will my child graduate with a regular high school diploma?

  • How safe is South Providence School?  What safety measures are in place for my child?

  • What kind of community involvement is associated with SPS?

  • How is SPS treated by UCPS?

  • What are my responsibilities as a parent of a South Providence student?

  • What can I expect from the faculty as a parent of an SPS student?