Scheduling the Media Center and/or Equipment

  • For Individual Students

    • Teachers may send up to 2 students at a time with a SmartPass.  Additional students may be sent when the initial students return to class. 
    • If teachers would like to send a student to take a test, please call in advance.

    Scheduling for Classes, Meetings, and/or Equipment

    • An online calendar keeps a record of the reservations for the media center.     
    • Teachers may schedule classes by emailing Mrs. Mabry.
    • Substitutes are not permitted to bring classes to the Media Center. Teachers should plan accordingly when making substitute lesson plans.


    • Laminating is available at no cost for classroom materials.  The media center staff performs all lamination.  There is a form located in the media center that is to be completed by the teacher in advance to request laminations.
    • A poster maker is available at no cost for classroom materials. There is a notebook of templates and a form in the media center that is to be completed by the teacher in advance to request posters.  If you have a digital file, email it to Mrs. Mabry.
    • AV Equipment available for check-out: CD players, data projectors, document cameras, digital cameras, digital camcorders, tripods, external DVD drives, etc.


    • Teachers must accompany their classes to and from the media center and must remain with them throughout the scheduled period.  The teacher is responsible for maintaining orderly behavior of students while in the media center. 
    • All print, non-print materials, and equipment must be checked out before being removed from the media center premises.  Please plan ahead and request materials and equipment in advance of the date needed.

    Instruction and Collaboration

    • Book talks, technology training, database/electronic resource tutorials, classroom instruction, and research assistance are all available upon request.  Please see Mrs. Mabry to schedule these services.
    • The Media Center staff certainly welcomes any collection development suggestions and collaborative planning, and they look forward to assisting you by supporting your curriculum and enhancing learning in any way possible.