About Rocky River Elementary

About Rocky River Elementary

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  • Cathy Haney (Principal)

  • Stephanie Funderburk (Assistant Principal)

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School Performance Director

What’s So Special About Rocky River?

  • We take an innovative approach to leadership by incorporating highly engaging activities, rigorous lessons, and daily character development as we build personal accountability and navigate the curriculum. Rocky River Elementary serves students pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  We are a “Leader in Me” school and incorporate research-based teaching techniques to meet the needs of our diverse student body.  From the time you walk through the front doors, you will recognize that Rocky River is a vibrant place for students.  High expectations merged with high engagement help each child develop their unique talents and strengths. “Inspiring Learners, Empowering Leaders.”

    Problem Based Learning Research
    Robotic Hands Helping Save Town Head of Houses