Unionville PTO

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    Our PTO Mission

    Unionville PTO strives to enhance and promote a positive learning environment for the students of Unionville. Here’s how we work to achieve this.

    • Awareness - We need to hear the ideas, needs, and concerns raised by students, parents, teachers, and staff.
    • Action - The PTO board talks about these ideas, needs, and concerns; then takes what we believe to be the best course of action.
    • Advocacy - We communicate our actions and why we decided upon those actions.

    Our PTO Desire

    To help you get involved –Whether you have 20 minutes a day or 20 hours a week, please visit the volunteer information section found in quick links on the UVES homepage.

    Unionville PTO Charities, Services, & Fundraisers

    PTO Executive Board 2017-2018

    • President: Cara Tarlton
    • Vice President: Sarah Broadway
    • Secretary: Kelly Simmons
    • Treasurer: Michelle Goodman
    • Volunteer Coordinators: Tracy Medlin and Stephanie Burris
    • Promotions Coordinator: Christy Baucom, Jennifer Engel and Rebecca Kiker
    • Staff Appreciation Committee: Delia Carriker, Stephanie Benton and LexAnne Speer