Books and Brackets - Round 5


  • Third grade and fourth grade students will be measured based upon the number of minutes read.
  • Students will record the number of minutes read (home, school, and myON) on the Books and Brackets Reading Log. Time recorded must reflect minutes read within the reading windows. (for example: minutes cannot count prior to Thursday, February 15 at 2:01PM). A copy of this form is provided at
  • At the end of each week, a Google form will be e-mailed to each contact listed on the 2018 Books and Bracket Grade-Level Chair Contact Info form. Each school will submit the total number of minutes read and the total students enrolled for third grade and fourth grade. The average minutes read (total minutes divided by total enrolled students) by both grade levels will be totaled to determine the school’s overall average for the week. The form should be completed by 4PM each Thursday.
  • Cumulative averages will be used to narrow down the brackets to determine the winner. The schools that qualify for the Top 16, Elite 8, and Final 4 will be announced each Friday.