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  • Interested in Applying for Yearbook Staff?

    Attention students: Are you interested in joining the Cuthbertson Middle School Yearbook Staff? If you are, please do the following:

    Go to the Cuthbertson Middle homepage and fill out the online application linked to the website and

    Visit Mrs. Jacobson's room, F112 on the 7th grade hall, to pick up 2 teacher recommendation forms--these are on paper and will be in an envelope outside her door. Give the forms to 2 of your current or former teachers to fill out.

    All of this must be done by Friday, October 6th in order for you to be considered for the staff. Not all who apply will be accepted, so be sure to do your best.



    Yearbook Staff Application Link



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    It's Book Fair time again! Our Fall Scholastic Book Fair will run from Monday, October 2nd through Friday, October 6th.
    Students will be able to make purchases:
    • In the mornings from 8:30 to 9:00
    • During Designated Cavs Block Days for Grade Levels
    • During class visits with ELA Teachers
    We will be hosting a Family Night on:
    Wednesday, October 4th from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
    Be sure to set up an ewallet (a cash free digital payment option) for your student! Click the link below for more details!
    All purchases through the Book Fair benefit our school. Thanks for supporting our kids! Happy reading!
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    Water bottles are permitted-- ONLY with water!

    *Students coming to school with drinks from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc. will be asked to discard them before coming into the school building.

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    Have you joined yet? There's just one week left in the PTSO Membership Drive...

    It's September, and CMS is currently in our PTSO Membership Drive. We are trying to raise funds to help support our school this year.

    CMS will have a homeroom competition to see which homeroom can get the highest percent of participation.

    • There will be one winning class, per grade, with the highest participation percentage.
    • Prizes will be offered to both the teacher & students in the winning classes.
    • Any parent who has already signed up will be counted, and all siblings in a family will receive credit.
    • The competition will last the entire month of September and the winners will be announced on October 2nd.

    Please visit our PTSO website to join today! 

    PTSO Website

    Thank you for your continued support of CAVS Nation!

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  • Southwest Regional Library Update

    Construction of the Southwest Regional Library has begun. (This library is being built right next to our school campus.) To stay aware of events, construction updates, etc., read the Southwest Regional Library Newsletter.


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    School doors open for students at 8:15 AM. (Please do NOT arrive at CMS before this time.)

    Students arriving between 8:15 AM-8:35 AM will report to the PIT.

    Arriving at 8:35 or after, students report to 3 areas by grade-level. (6th- Cafeteria, 7th- PIT, 8th- Gym).

    At 8:50 AM, students will move to their homeroom classrooms.

    Breakfast is served from 8:35 AM through 9:00 AM.

    Students are LATE if not in the school building at 9:05 AM. Plan accordingly. (Students who are late will need to report to the school office to receive a tardy pass.)

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    Students are expected to attend school and each class every day unless sick, doctor/dentist appointment, educational opportunity, etc.

    Parents should submit written documentation in order to have their student’s absence considered “excused.” Please submit to your child's homeroom teacher within 3 days of the absence.

    CMS will only accept parent 'sick' notes during the grading period in which the absence occurred; notes from a medical provider will be accepted at any time.

    ONLY the following reasons are acceptable to consider marking an absence 'excused:' Illness, quarantine by a health provider, medical/psychological visits (with note from the provider), funeral for immediate family member (with valid documentation), military deployment activities, PRE-APPROVED educational opportunities (no more than 2 days), religious observances.

    For every 5 unexcused tardies / early dismissals, students will be required to serve a 'detention' at a time designated by CMS.

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    Instructional time will not be disturbed for students to obtain forgotten items. When a student leaves an item at home, we ask that they bring the item to school the next day, unless it is an item that is required for their health and safety (ex. eye glasses, medicine, lunch, water bottles, etc.). Additionally, student Chromebooks will be permitted to be dropped off, if forgotten at home, as these are important instructional tools for active student participation within classroom activities & assignments.

    *Homework/projects, cell phones, instruments, PE uniform, etc., should not be brought to school for students.


    **Students may not receive gift items or fast food while at school.

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    Students who must leave before the end of the school day should bring a note from home requesting early dismissal. The note should be taken to the office upon arrival and exchanged for a 'dismissal slip.' At the appointed time, the student should report to the office and be signed out by an authorized adult with a picture ID. Parents should sign students out before 3:20 PM for early dismissal, in order to not interfere with the school’s dismissal procedures.

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    Parents can get the information you need from the transportation department without having to call the school... Download the app today. You will need your child's ID number to register. (For returning families, you can locate the ID# on a past report card, student schedule, or simply ask your child as it is the # used to log-in to their computer.)

    Edulog Parent Portal smartphone app helps you receive information about your child’s school bus ride. It allows you to:

    Access designated bus stop times and locations,

    See real-time information about the location of your child’s school bus, and

    Receive notifications when the bus is getting close.

    *This new app replaces the "Here Comes the Bus App."

    Tutorial Video



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    In the event of an emergency, transportation changes will be made on the phone and included with afternoon announcements. (We don't call the student out of class to communicate this information.)

    Reminder:  Students may not ride any bus to which they are not assigned.

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    At about 4:00 PM, dismissal procedures will begin. CMS is a LARGE school; an efficient dismissal process takes some time. It'll be slow to start this week as we re-orient with school procedures.

    Car-riders will ONLY be picked up via the front car-rider line at the front of the school.

    Parents, please do not arrive at CMS until 3:30 or later for afternoon pick-up as the high-school is dismissed beforehand, and too many cars will cause gridlock on our school campuses.

    Parents should NOT park in the staff parking lot, visitor parking spaces, the high school, or nearby neighborhoods to pick up children at dismissal time.

    When picking up students, please pull ALL the way up to the front of the car-rider line so we can load students quickly and safely. Students are to step into a car on the right side to avoid other cars.

    Walking home from school is discouraged as it is a safety concern; the school is not currently outfitted with appropriate sidewalks nor cross walks.

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    If you would like to become a volunteer for CMS, complete a volunteer application.

    Parent Volunteer Application

    Once your application is submitted, you will receive an automated email correspondence instructing you to confirm your email address. Additionally, you will receive an automated email when your application is approved or denied.

    If you are already an approved volunteer, please visit the above link to renew your registration. You must renew your registration each year.


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