South Korea

Second Grade Goes Global

Second grade students are learning all about different cultures. As a second grade team we have decided to learn about South Korea. Ms. Gray’s class has had a fun time getting to look at artifacts from South Korea. Carolina Navigators sent many different artifacts from South Korea including a Hanbok (Korean traditional dress), a math book, a Podaegi (a baby sling), Korean flag and many more things.

The students loved being able to see what students from different countries did during school. DaShane McCray said “I love this dress, it is so beautiful and soft”. When the students saw the Korean Flag they had a great discussion about how the Korean Flag and the American Flag were alike and different.


Gray Global

DaShane McCray showing off a Hanbok from South Korea.


Mrs. Ganshert’s class read an article about Chuseok, which is like America’s Thanksgiving.  This event last for three days and South Koreans receive new clothes, prepare traditional food (rice cakes), gather with extended family, and wear traditional clothing (hanbok).

After reading about this cultural event, students used a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the American Thanksgiving holiday with Chuseok.  This provided students with an understanding that cultures, while different, also have a lot of similarities.


Ganshert Global