South Africa

Globalization in the 3rd Grade!


During reading, third grade has been learning how to conduct research through informational text and online resources. All third grade classes took this opportunity to research South Africa. Students discovered how people live, food they eat, languages they speak, and many other things! The third graders were not only able to learn how to navigate nonfiction text and record their findings to become an expert and teach others, but become global learners and discover an entirely new culture!


Kikobo 1  Kikobo 2  

Pictured: Students in Ms. Kikobo’s third grade class completing their research and creating South Africa artifacts to accompany their informational papers.



 Auret 1  Auret 3

Globalization in the 3rd Grade!


Recently, students in third grade have been digging deep within informational resources during reading and writing! Students have been asked to complete an informational unit that involves researching all about a topic and then creating a chapter book about it. In Mrs. Auret’s class, she modeled this using South Africa, the Rainbow Nation. Her students then were able to pick their own country of interest. Students discovered things all about their country including geographic landforms, languages spoken, government, climate, and sports. The list of topics on what students learned about is ongoing!




Auret Global 3

Pictured: Students in Mrs. Auret’s class discovering South Africa, organizing their researched information, and showing off their chosen country resources!