About Weddington Elementary

About Weddington Elementary

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About Our School

  • Weddington Elementary serves kindergarten through fifth-grade students and is located in Matthews. We are dedicated to upholding our mission of The Weddington Way. We are proud of our family-like staff, which includes veteran teachers committed to the Weddington community. We provide a variety of dynamic and engaging student programs, including STEAM, Music, Art, a Dual Language Program, and numerous after-school teacher-led clubs. We are proud of our students' high levels of achievement.

Fast Facts

    • Traditional Calendar
    • Start Bell: 7:30 a.m.
    • End Bell: 2 p.m.
    • Mascot: Wildcats (Kit-Kat)
    • Colors: Green and blue
    • Vision: Changing the world with our minds, hearts and hands.
    • Mission: All Children, All Together, All In, All Ready!
    • NC Report Card Grades: Grade A School
    • Current Enrollment: 672 students
    • Classroom Information:
      • Traditional English Classroom teachers: 28
      • EC Teacher Classroom Teacher: 1
      • Pre-K Classroom Teacher: 1
      • Specials Area Teachers: 6
      • Dual-Language Spanish teachers: 7
      • AIG teachers: 2
    • Specials: Art, PE, music, IMPACT (project/service learning), media, STEAM
    • Programs: A variety of teacher-led after-school clubs, Dual-Language Spanish Classrooms, Terrific Kids, Positive Behavior Program (PAWS), Student Council, Afterschool Program, PreK Program, Battle of the Books, Student Leadership Programs (Safety Patrol, Broadcast Team, and Student Council)

Meet Our School Leaders

  • Terri Adams (Principal)

  • Katie Colson (Assistant Principal)

  • School Performance Director

  • Professional Advisory Council Representatives

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