About Sun Valley Middle

About Sun Valley Middle

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About Our School

  • Sun Valley Middle serves sixth through eighth-grade students and is located in Indian Trail. We are recognized for our diversity and student leadership. In May 2022, we received recognition for achieving the Leader in Me Lighthouse distinction for the multiple ways that we empower staff and students to lead. Our school is focused on continuous improvement so that we are the standard for excellence among all middle schools. Our primary goals include academic urgency, a culture of continuous improvement and the physical and emotional safety of all.

    Students have five classes in a day: three are core (math, language arts, science and social studies alternating); two are encore (e.g. physical education, art, drama, band, etc.). Core classes are about 80 minutes in length and Encore classes are approximately 40 minutes in length. Depending on the grade level, rotation, and specific Encore class, Encore classes are either on an A/B-day schedule, for a year-long, semester-long, nine weeks or six weeks in length.

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Meet Our School Leaders

  • Dr. Brian Patience (Principal)

  • Cole Hurst (Assistant Principal)

  • Jamal McGee (Assistant Principal)

  • Larae Biggerstaff (Assistant Principal)

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