Hemby Bridge Car Rider Procedures

  • In effort to expedite the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal of students, please adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Enter the school grounds from the lower drive nearest the gym and exit from the upper drive.
    2. Follow all traffic flow lines painted on the parking lot.
    3. Follow all directions issued by Hemby Bridge Elementary staff members in regards to traffic flow and routines.
    4. Pull up as far as you can to the yield sign before you allow your children to exit the car.  Staff will motion you forward.
    5. Your child should only exit from the passenger side of the car at the sidewalk.  This is for your child’s safety.  Please take this into consideration when placing safety seats in the car for younger children.
    6. Prepare children for unloading as you approach the loading/unloading zone in order for them to exit the vehicle in a timely manner.  This will help maintain the flow of traffic.
    7. Parking at the curb/sidewalk in front of the school is not allowed.  This is a marked no parking zone for emergency purposes.  Parking in this area also prevents the flow of traffic.
    8. Wait for traffic to move forward before pulling away from the loading/unloading area.  Do not pass other cars in the line once your child has entered or exited the car.  A child could exit a car or walk between cars as you are passing the stopped cars.  This also increases the risk of a traffic accident.
    9.   Do not park or drive into the bus lot/bus parking area.   This is for buses and daycare vans only.
    10.   Always yield to buses and daycare vans as they enter and exit the parking lot.
    11. If parking, always use a marked parking space.  Leave the marked handicapped parking for those who need this parking area.  We have students and family members who require handicapped parking.
    12. Students are not allowed to walk through the parking lots without an adult with them.
    13. Parking for arrival and dismissal is limited to the parking lot in front of the gym to prevent a cross flow of traffic. The only exceptions will be for handicapped parking access and UCPS staff.
    14. Cross to and from the visitor’s parking lot in the marked crosswalk only.  Staff will be at the crosswalk to assist you.
    15. If parking in the gym parking area, you will still be required to follow the flow of all car rider traffic through the loading and unloading area as you exit the campus. This prevents a cross flow of traffic and reduces the risk of traffic accidents.
    16. All students must enter through the front doors and proceed directly to the cafeteria or their classroom.

    Thank you for helping ensure the safety of your children by being mindful of the above procedures.  These procedures provide for safety but also keep the arrival and dismissal routines flowing smoothly in order for you enter and exit the campus in a timely manner.

    We appreciate your patience the first three to four weeks of school with the arrival and dismissal traffic.  You will see this process improve each week and settle into a smooth routine.  If you prefer to avoid the congestion of arrival and dismissal and need bus information, contact the front office staff.