Bus Rules

  • Union County Schools Bus Rules

    UCPS Policies= Elementary (Bold)         Middle and High School (Italics)

    • Riding the school bus is a privilege.
    • Remain seated, and keep hands to yourself at all times.
    • Do not vandalize the bus by marking and tearing seats etc. (UCPS Policy #8) (UCPS Policies 10 & 11)
    • No Eating or Drinking on bus (except bottled water).
    • No Fighting or Profanity while on the school bus. (UCPS Policy #2) (UCPS Policy #3)
    • No Smoking, use of any illegal drugs or alcohol while on the bus or at the bus stop. (UCPS Policy #9, #12) (UCPS Policy #12, #16)
    • No throwing objects on the bus, or from the bus. (Students/parents may be responsible for damage to vehicles damaged from objects thrown from bus)
    • No live animals, oversized projects, plants etc. while on the bus.
    • Respect the driver and other students while on the bus. (UCPS Policy #3, #4, #10) (UCPS Policy #1, #2, #14)
    • No possession of weapons. (UCPS Policy #6, #7) (UCPS Policy #8, #9)
    • Do not delay the bus schedule.  Always be at your assigned bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.

    *The school-based administration reserves the right to discipline students for other acts that disrupt the safe operation of the bus, but are not specifically mentioned above.