• What is PBIS?

    PBIS is a research-based method of improving school-wide and individual student behavior by teaching, modeling, and reinforcing behavior expectations. Desired behaviors are rewarded by a variety of individual, classroom, and school-wide initiatives.

    School and PBIS Mission Statement
    The Union Elementary School Community will provide a positive environment where every student has opportunities to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Our mission is to help all students become responsible citizens, critical thinkers, and globally competitive life-long learners.


    PBIS School-Wide Expectations

    5 School Rules
    These five rules will be used school-wide (all classrooms, encore, cafeteria, playground, field trip, etc.)  Please post these rules in your classroom; keep them posted all year in addition to the matrix. Each rule is tied to a letter int eh LEARN acronym.

    L  Learn                1. I will listen and follow directions.

    E  Eager                2. I will be prompt and prepared.

    A  Accountable      3. I will work, walk, and talk quietly.

    R  Respect            4. I will respect others and property.

    N  Nice                 5. I will keep hands, feet, and objects to myself.


    School Expectations Matrix
    The school expectation matrix indicates expectations for each area students access in the school. Expectations are directly related to the five school rules shown above. Teachers will instruct students on appropriate behaviors for each area shown on the matrix.

    Matrix Learn Expectations


    Positive Acknowledgement Systems

    LEARN Cards

    Individual students are recognized in their classrooms for behavior and contributions to learning by being awarded with a personal best recognition. Once the personal best chart is filled with students’ names, a class drawing occurs. The winner receives a prize.

    Terrific Kid
    Union Elementary School has partnered with the Kiwanis Club of Monroe. The Kiwanis Club supports the Terrific Kid Celebration of good character. The Terrific Kid Celebration takes place once every six weeks. The teacher nominates a student. The students who are nominated and their parents receive a breakfast celebration at the school. The student receives their nomination, a certificate, a goody bag presented by the Kiwanis Club, a group photo, and their names are announced on CCTV.

    Class Compliments / Class Best
    A Class Compliment System will be utilized to recognize good behavior as a whole group.  Once the class earns 10 stars as a group, a class reward will be given.  This reward is determined by each individual teacher/class.
    PBIS Celebration

    Each six weeks we hold a celebration for students that have demonstrated good behavior. The following criteria are required for students to participate in the celebration.

    ·         The student has pulled less than 7 or fewer cards in the six week grading period.

    ·         The student has not had any referrals to the office or bus referrals in the six week grading period.

    Prior to the celebration students choose to participate in various activities.

    Principal’s Star Celebration
    Each six weeks the teacher recognizes two students who have worked hard academically, brought up their grades, or demonstrated an excellent commitment to learning. Each student receives the teacher nomination certificate, a group photo is taken, and their names are announced on CCTV. The recipients then have a popsicle party with the principal.



    Homework---Homework is an important extension of what has been learned in the classroom. It provides students with additional independent practice on skills that have been taught. It is the expectation that students turn in all homework assignments when they are due. If assignments are not turned in, a consequence will be given. Consequences for not completing homework could include walking 10 minutes at recess or having silent lunch. Missed homework assignments are expected to be made up the following night.

    *Kindergarten & 1st Grade:     No formal consequence should be given for not completing homework as children are too young to do it by themselves without parental support.  If a pattern of missed homework assignments emerges, the teacher should contact the parent.

    Parents should not be overly alarmed if your child gets on blue.  This is a warning, and we all make mistakes.  Parents should contact the teacher if you have concerns or questions about your child’s behavior.  Teachers will also have the responsibility to contact parents if a student’s poor behavior is turning into a pattern.  “Below the line” infractions will cause an immediate office referral; this includes offenses such as fighting.