Character Education

  • STAR Student  

    Monthly Character Traits

    **Each month one student from each classroom will be chosen by their teacher to be awarded as Student of the Month!  These students will be chosen for exemplifying the designated character trait for that month.**

    September  =  ResponsibleBe responsible by caring for yourself.  This can mean setting goals, finding good role models and supportive friends, and having healthy habits such as eating healthy foods, brushing your teeth, getting enough sleep and exercise.  Be responsible by doing your homework and chores, be on time to school and follow the rules.

    October  =  RespectfulShow respect for other people by accepting their differences and treating them with kindness and courtesy.  Believe that other people’s ideas, thoughts, and feelings are important and Treat others how you want to be treated!

    November  =  CitizenshipBe a good citizen by following rules, participating in group activities and decisions, doing a little more than your fair share, and thinking carefully about your duty to your family and school.

    December  =  KindnessShow kindness by listening when people talk about their problems, be caring and generous when people need your help, imagining how you might feel in other people’s situations, and being grateful to others who care about you.

    January  =  HonestyBe honest by making sure you do what you have said you’ll do, tell the truth at all times and be sure to keep other’s feelings in mind when practicing your honesty.

    February  =  CooperationShow cooperation by being able to work in a group without conflicts and follow through when you are asked to do something.

    March  =  Fairness – Practice fairness by cooperating with peers, following the same rules everyone else has to follow, considering other people’s feelings and ideas, and solving problems in ways that benefit everyone, not just yourself.

    April  =  PerseveranceShow perseverance by setting realistic goals, being patient with yourself, finding creative ways to solve problems, and not giving up too easily when things get tough.

    May  =  IntegrityPractice integrity by standing up for those who are being hurt or picked on, choosing your own behavior instead of automatically following friends’ examples, and resisting negative peer pressure.