• UCPS aftercare program local elementary schools are bused to locations-UCPS aftercare program information   

    Child Time Monroe Location 1714 N. Charlotte Ave Monroe-van pick up at Rocky River-704-289-6794/704-289-6792

    Monroe Parks and Recreation-2325 Hanover St-van pickup at Rocky River-704-282-4649

    Big Blue Marble-2024 Wesley Chapel Stouts Road-van pick up at Rocky River- 704-289-3851

    Childcare Network-780 Sutton Place-van pick up at Rocky River-704-296-1400

    Roar Taekwondo-6751 Old Monroe Road-van pick up at Rocky River-704-821-0829

    Creative Care-4823 Old Charlotte Highway-van pick up at Rocky River-704-283-5606

    New Testament Baptist-2603 Goldmine Road-van pick up at Rocky River-704-282-5606

    Creative Day-1812 Walkup Ave-van pick up at Rocky River-704-283-6827

    Loving Care-801-Sanlee Drive-van pick up at Rocky River-704-226-9544