Enroll in Union County Public Schools

  • Children need to be five years old by August 31 in order to begin kindergarten in that school year. The state mandates that children between the ages of seven and 16 attend public or private school.

    Your child is considered a “new student” if they never attended Union County Public Schools or previously attended a school within the district and want to re-enroll. Students are eligible to attend school within the district and are assigned to home schools based on the domicile of the student’s parent.

Steps to Enroll

  • Step 1: Determine the zoned home school based on the Union County address (Edulog)

  • Step 2: Collect documents needed for enrollment

  • Step 3: Complete online enrollment through Scribbles

  • Once you have completed the online enrollment application through Scribbles, the zoned home school will follow up regarding any additional requirements.

    For questions or inquiries regarding the enrollment process, please contact the school's data manager.