School Updates

  • Peachjar Digital Flyers: We have an electronic flyer communication tool called Peachjar. View school-approved digital flyers.

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  • Shutterfly Supports WUES: Western Union Elementary is thrilled to announce a new fundraising opportunity with Lifetouch and Shutterfly, who have joined forces to capture, preserve and share your memorable moments.

    With their help, we’ve created a custom online storefront where you can shop the extensive Shutterfly collection of photo books, gifts, premium stationery, keepsakes, home décor and so much more—and for every purchase made, Shutterfly will donate 8% to our organization.

    It’s easy to support WUES:

    1. Visit our Shutterfly Storefront --
    2. Click through to start your holiday shopping!
    3. Purchase thoughtful gifts and keepsakes for friends, family and yourself.
    4. That’s it! For every purchase made, 8% of the proceeds will go toward helping our organization.

    It’s that easy. Plus, you can even use applicable Shutterfly discount codes to save on your entire order.

    Please feel free to share this great news with your friends, family and co-workers—the more orders we receive through our Storefront, the more our school earns!

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  • Students are learning to effectively collaborate to complete wind challenges.  

    This week in Energy Lab, all grade levels have been researching and experimenting with wind. We have been learning where wind comes from and the effects it has on weather, people, and landforms.  Students portray elements of Portrait of a Graduate by learning to be, resilient problem solvers, effective communicators and key contributors by completing wind challenges. They are making a duck boat to transport a duck across a tub of water by using a fan to simulate the force of the wind. Other students are learning about harnessing the wind through literature, such as the book, The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind.  They are working in teams to engineer wind-powered cars. The cars must include 2 axles, a mast, and a sail.  Cars must not only move when exposed to wind, they must travel in a straight line.  Third-grade students learned a lot about productive struggle when tasked with building a maze with three obstacles that they must move a marble through by using a straw to blow wind through in order to move the marble through the maze successfully. They learned about using balanced and unbalanced forces in order to move or not move items. Kindergartners have been going on wind walks in our outdoor classroom and using their five senses to discover wind. They built wind chimes in order to see and hear the wind. 



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  • Saving Fred in a STEM Activity

    Students in Mrs. Thomas’ class worked with partners to save Fred.  In this STEM project, Fred is a worm and needs a life preserver to be safe at sea.  The life preserver has been trapped under his boat (clear cup) and students can not touch Fred or the boat.  They were given supplies (paper clips, gummi, worm, peach ring, plastic cup) and had to work as skilled collaborators to save Fred. Being a skilled collaborator is a key component in our UCPS Portrait of a Graduate model.  Students did an amazing job of working respectfully and productively in their teams.

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  • In third grade, there are many first-time things for students.

    Third grade is the first time that students receive letter grades instead of number grades. Third grade is the first time that students all have their own Chromebook and it is the first time that students have to take state tests. Last week, this new class of third graders showed that they were ready to take the Beginning of Grade test. The students took a tutorial on Tuesday to learn how to use all of the tools for the online test. On Thursday morning, the students took the BOG test. All of the students worked very hard. This test gives teachers a starting point to see where we need to go in order for the third graders to be successful on the EOG.
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  • Miss Mullis' 2nd grade class is finally here!

    Miss Mullis' 2nd grade class had an exciting first week of school! They read You're Finally Here and talked about how long it took for them to get to 2nd grade. Miss Mullis had been waiting for her class to join her for so long and she had to ask them what took so long! Students shared a lot of laughs and talked with friends about what they had to do before they could come to 2nd grade, such as having a summer break, needing to finish 1st grade, and much more. Students wrote their responses on little carrots and placed them on a chart for the whole class to see. The next day, students wrote about what they were able to do now, what they could do soon, and what they couldn't wait for! Later in the week, students wrote about how this school year was going so far. They have all enjoyed their first week of school and had a lot to share about it.

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