About Shiloh Valley Primary

About Shiloh Valley Primary

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About Our School

Fast Facts

About Our Community

  • Shiloh Valley Primary School is part of the Shiloh Valley Schools. We are a pre-K through grade 2 school serving the wonderful students of our school community. Along with Shiloh Valley Elementary School, our Grades 3-5 school, we form the Shiloh Valley Schools. While we are composed of two school buildings, the Shiloh Valley staff consider ourselves to be one school with two buildings. We are #BetterTogether! Our instructional program, protocols, and overall operating procedures are aligned with the elementary school.

    Our staff works to ensure that our students are #FutureReady learners. Our instructional program consists of the following: STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) classes for all students. The Spanish Dual Language Immersion program is offered to students in all grades. Our PTA is a strong and supportive group that supports all aspects of our school community. Finally, the Shiloh Valley Schools embrace the Leader in Me framework as our operational foundation. We believe that leadership is for everyone!

    Our highly dedicated staff works to provide rigorous and differentiated instruction to all of our students. They use 21st-century learning skills to grow their students as both leaders and learners. We are dedicated to providing the premier educational experience for our students. Our school mission statement defines our core beliefs as a school community: #BetterTogether to be #EmpowerEd and #FutureReady.

    Join us on this exciting educational experience! We are truly #RisingStrongerTogether

Meet Our School Leaders

  • Lindsey Williams, Principal

  • Jennifer Aldredge (Assistant Principal)

  • School Performance Director

  • Professional Advisory Council Representatives