Site-based Team


    • Mrs. Williams - Administration
    • Mrs. Klutz – Special Area
    • Mrs. Joye-Moore – First Grade
    • Mrs. Bassler- Kindergarten
    • Mr. Walters – Instructional Assistant
    • Mrs. Guzman- Exceptional Children
    • Mrs. Miller – Second Grade
    • Mrs. Thayer- Parent Representative
    • Mrs. Burke- Parent Representative
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  • Agenda 9/13/2023

    Agenda 9/13/2023


    Attendance: Lindsey Williams, Shinaye Joye-Moore,  Daniel Walters, Jessica Klutz,      Erin Miller, Jessika Guzman


    Agenda Items: 

    • Calendar Information from UCPS 
    • School Dismissal Manager
    • Reunification plan
    • PLC agendas- GL Decision 
    • Effective Lesson Planning- decision on implementation
    • Comprehensive Needs Assessments
    • Progress Report Template




    NCStar is the team that monitors the School Improvement Team goals. Our job is to monitor school improvement. We input data and goals for the school. We will make shared decisions for the school.


    Meetings (Wednesdays)


    UCPS Calendar

    • Reviewed Calendar Priorities and Limitations
    • Submitted UCPS Calendar Development survey as a team


    Grades K-2 Progress Report

    • We will have a consistent K-2 School Wide Progress Report- voted on and approved by the committee on 09/13/23.
    • Make the report electronic.
    • All Progress Reports need to have a reading and math comment. 
    • Also needs to include if a student is below grade level


    Effective Lesson Planning- Precise Learning Objectives including KUD

    • Discuss with teams what every grade level will look like.
      • Kindergarten will be in their lesson plans.


    School Dismissal Manager

    • School could purchase app- everyone has it, all teachers, parents, etc.
    • At dismissal, we all log in. 
    • Parents would login to the app to send transportation changes
    • No notes are accepted
    • Go to teams and discuss 
    • A team from our school would visit other schools with the app
    • Does the App come in other languages? Which languages are included? 

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