Clubs & Activities

  • Clubs and Activities within the School Day

    Broadcast Team

    Fifth graders are selected to be part of the daily broadcast production.  Students work in teams of four students for two weeks at a time on a rotational basis.  The students are responsible for planning, preparing and producing the morning announcments.  The students practice both public speaking and technical skills. Greenscreen technology as well as video editing are key skills these students are able to develop.  Students also gain confidence as public speakers.  The criteria for selection for this team includes teacher recommendation, a successful audition as well as exemplary behavior and citizenship.  Fourth graders try out at the end of the year and are notified before the beginning of the next school year if selected.  Fifth graders new to the school in the fall may also audition then.

    Sponsor:  Dr. Blair Austin  Contact

    Safety Patrol

    Students in fourth and fifth grades are selected to be on the school safety patrol. Thier duties include helping maintain a safe and orderly learning environment.  This is very important especially during arrival and dismissal from school  Students are assigned posts thorughout the building from which they insure students are walking and moving safely during transition times.  These students also serve as role models for younger students.  Students may apply for a position on the patrol by letting their homeroom teacher know.  Selection is based on good character, behavior and citizenship.

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Cynthia Efird  Contact:

    Afterschool Clubs and Activities

    (not part of the Sardis Afterschool Care Program)

    A number of clubs and activities are offered at Sardis afterschool to meet the needs of students.  These clubs are sponsored by faculty and staff and are intended to expose students to new ideas and encourage their individual interests.  Participation is voluntary.  Students must have their own transportation arrangements made in advance.  Each club has its own application and selection process.  To find out more about a specific club, contact the club sponsor listed below.

    Chorus - Sardis Sound 

    This goup meets weekly and participates in a number of performances throughout the year including the annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Monroe each December.  This club is for students in grades 4 and 5.

    Sponsor:  Mr. Nick Wagner    Contact:


    Robotics Club

    This club offers a foundation in computer science through coding and technology activities.  Robotics are also explored through Lego Wedo, Lego Mindstorms and Vex platforms.  Membership is on a first come, first-served basis.  Signups are held in the fall.  This club is for students in grades 4 and 5.

    Sponsor:  Ms. Angela.Gaio   Contact:

    Sign Language Club

    Students in this club learn to sign as a means of non verbal communication.  The importance of this skill is noted as a tool for understanding among students of all strengths and abilities.

    Sponsor:  Ms. Allison Chaney     Contact:

    (Clubs with outside sponsorship)

    Girls on the Run