Preparing 21st Century Learners

  • Instructional technology being utilized at Shiloh:

    • 17 Promethean Boards & 21st Century Classrooms, including 2 Promethean Labs
    • 5 classroom sets of Activote interactive equipment
    • Document camera and data projector in each K-5 classroom
    • 4 laptop carts, including 2 with 2010 model “NetBooks”
    • 2 Computer Labs
    • All K-5 classrooms internet connected with at least 4 desktop computers
    • Skype, etc. regularly used

    In addition, we offer ongoing “in-house” technology professional development for our staff, maintain an active Media and Technology Advisory Committee, and incorporate technology into our globalization strategies.

    To see our school improvement plan technology goal, go to

    UCPS Technology Vision Statement

    Prepare all students to succeed globally in the 21st Century by employing the best technological tools with well-trained educators and administrators in a collaborative and safe environment.

    UCPS Plan Summary:

    As we prepare students to succeed in a globally competitive world, we believe that a technology rich environment is crucial. Although we have many technology initiatives in place, our priorities remain: a) high student achievement, b) data driven decision-making, and c) effective communication. We must provide the resources to help every teacher and student master the basics, develop critical thinking abilities and sharpen problem-solving skills. Also realizing the importance of gathering, manipulating and utilizing data for wise decision-making, we continue the search for additional technology tools to refine the data analysis process. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of communication and social networking tools through the building of collaborative partnerships and global exchange. This document is a reflection of the UCPS commitment to these priorities and maximizing opportunities for all.



    UCPS Technology Plan Specifics

    1. NC Public Schools will produce globally competitive students.

    The vision for the 2009-2013 Union County Technology Plan is also the vision for our system, Preparing all Students to Succeed. Success in the 21st century is difficult to define and during the

    four years that this plan encompasses, it continues to be a moving target. Although the technology will change, one constant in defining success will be the importance of collaboration and

    communication among all stakeholders. A strong collaborative foundation has long been part of the strength of Union County Public Schools and will continue as we prepare our students to be

    globally competitive. This must include building a community of administrators and teachers who will be willing and able to create a classroom environment allowing students to reach their greatest

    potential. Union County has a commitment to these students to provide the human and fiscal resources for this to happen.

    2. NC Public Schools will be led by 21st Century professionals.

    Technology, effectively used, increases productivity, brings global experience into the classroom and stimulates interest in learning. It is the consummate tool for professional educators. It is imperative that we provide quality training enabling teachers to use a variety of tools to create classroom environments that facilitates high student achievement. The system will hire and train teachers who can, as a community, build a collective vision for technology in our schools. In addition to planned staff development activities, technology-rich classrooms are being established with teachers who can model and train others in best practices for curriculum delivery and teacher productivity. The vital component to the success of the plan is the teacher and administrator working together to advance technology practices in the classroom.

    3. NC Public school students will be healthy and responsible.

    Technology opens doors to the world for our students; however, it is the responsibility of the system to provide these resources in a safe and secure environment. The school system has created a network infrastructure providing students and professionals with the materials necessary for teaching and learning. A filtering system for Internet use, virus protection, cameras for security, telephones and other monitoring equipment allow our students to safely explore areas of interest. While it is critical to have these varied technical resources in place for successful learning, the

    education of the total child also requires opportunities for promoting health and well-being in a nurturing environment. Ranging from the Child Nutrition department to the physical education

    curriculum, technology is utilized to promote a healthy and active lifestyle where students are encouraged to make responsible choices.

    4. Leadership will guide innovation in NC public schools.

    Leadership at all levels is the most important facet in bringing any vision to fruition. Teachers and administrators are committed to the belief that technology plays an important role in student success and communication. Commitment to this tenet is evidenced by the continued support and cooperation given from the superintendent-level down for flexible scheduling of media centers, Strategic Technology Plan 5 the Team 21 project, support of Moodle sites, Elluminate sessions, implementation of distance learning, email, CONNECT-ED and many others. High importance is placed on building a collaborative environment with a communication infrastructure allowing all stakeholders timely and relevant access to information through the use of these varied resources. We know that our students experience the highest level of success when all parties embrace dynamic, continuous improvement to ensure total communication.

    5. NC public schools will be governed and supported by 21st Century systems.

    The implementation of 21st Century systems to ensure accurate and up-to-date data for all personnel and students is paramount. Our students are more productive when electronic tools are available for teachers and administrators giving them the data needed to assess their students. In 2008 Union County will implement the NCWise student information system. Already in place are programs such as CECAS, BUD, TIMS, X1, X2, HRMS, TEACHSCAPE, and others facilitating electronic sharing of information among relevant stakeholders. The district is currently gathering information on a textbook and asset management system to further the implementation of these 21st Century systems. The addition of new schools, necessitated by growth, and the renovation of older facilities to ensure equity and capacity for newer technologies continues to impact the budget process. Along with upgrading facilities, planning and budgeting must continue to sustain and advance instructional and operational capacity. Ultimately, we are looking for all systems to work together, collectively providing information at the point of need and building increased effectiveness into the operational culture of our school system.

    To read the entire UCPS Technology Plan for 2009-2013, including the alignment to North Carolina’s FUTURE-READY STUDENTS for the 21st Century, go to