Stakeholder Information


    UCPS Strategic Priorities (click on for entire UCPS Strategic Plan):

    • High achieving and globally competitive students
    • Quality teachers, administrators, and staff providing innovative leadership for 21st century schools
    • Safe, orderly, and caring schools producing healthy and responsible students.
    • 21st Century systems operating effectively and efficiently.
    • Family, business, and community members involved and supportive of our schools.

    UCPS Core Values (click on for definitions):

    • Leadership
    • Customer-Driven Quality (i.e., Student/Stakeholder Focus)
    • Results Orientation
    • Organizational Responsibility and Citizenship
    • Partnership Development
    • Management by Fact
    • Long-Range Outlook
    • Design Quality and Prevention
    • Fast Response
    • Employee Participation and Development
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Alignment
    • Systems Thinking

    To see what the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction says a child should be learning in each year in each subject area

    To see how your local school or school district is performing based on teacher survey results, go to: