Bell Schedule

  • New School Time- 9:05-3:45

    1st Period: 9:05 - 10:35
    2nd Period: 10:40 - 12:10
    3rd Period: 12:15-2:10

    A Lunch: 12:10 to 12:35
    B Lunch: 12:42 to 1:07
    C Lunch: 1:14 to 1:39
    D Lunch: 1:46 to 2:10

    4th Period: 2:15 to 3:45

    (Seniors will be dismissed at 3:43 by announcement)
    *All class changes and dismissals will be done by bell except fourth period will be done by announcement*
    Students will come to school twice a week from Monday to Thursday and Friday will be an online learning day for all.
    Students' Assigned Day at School: Students will be assigned to an attendance day based on their last names (exceptions will be made for siblings and members of the same household). Students with last names A-K will attend school on Mondays and Tuesdaysstudents with last names L-Z will attend on Wednesdays and Thursdays. ALL students will participate in remote learning on Fridays.

    Students will follow their schedule in person and/or virtually every day. The suggested schedule is below. If students are at home, then this is the suggested schedule.
    9:05 to 10:35: Complete Activities/Assignments for 1st Block Class (may include live or on-demand teacher instruction)
    10:40 to 12:10: Complete Activities/ Assignments for 2nd Block Class (may include live or on-demand teacher instruction) Lunch based on the time you would eat lunch at school during third block.
    12:15 to 2:10: Complete Activities/ Assignments for 3rd Block Class (may include live or on-demand teacher instruction). Take note of the time your teacher would have scheduled for lunch.
    2:15 to 3:45: Complete Activities/ Assignments for 4th Block Class (may include live or on-demand teacher instruction)
    2-hour Delay Schedule
    2-hour Delay Schedule
    1st Period: 11:05–11:35
    2nd Period: 11:40-12:10
    3rd Period: 12:15 to 2:14
    A lunch = 12:10 to 12:35
    B lunch = 12:43 to 1:08
    C lunch= 1:16 to 1:41
    D lunch= 1:49 to 2:14
    4th Period: 2:19 to 3:45