Cougar Council, PTSO

  • We plan together, we work together, and our children will succeed together.

    The Cougar Council is Central Academy's Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO) and was founded in October 2007. The PTSO works to support the teachers, administrators, and students. We provide teacher appreciation luncheons and celebrate their birthdays monthly, recognize student achievements, and recognize our bus drivers, custodial, and lunch staff.  Please join us!

    Do you have interests or a special talent that you are willing to share with us?  Come join us and let’s make great strides for the future of our CATA cougars! Contact for more information about getting involved.


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    We encourage all parents or guardians to join the PTSO. Membership will place you on an active mailing list/Sign Up Genius to receive up to date information on monthly events and sign ups! We have a great time working together to help make CATA the best school in the county!

    Annual Membership Costs

    • Family Membership $10.00 (student membership is included in the family membership).
    • Student membership is $5.00 (for students whose family have not joined but they would like to).

    Board Meetings

    • First Monday of every month at 4:30 pm in The Den (media center)


    NOTE: Email addresses have been broken up to cut down on phishing attempts. Delete the space between the beginning of the address and the @ symbol when trying to send an email. 

    • President: Latha Baddigam (interim)
    • Vice President: Kelly Levitas (interim)
    • Secretary: Ami Gandhi 
    • Treasurer: Valerie Peters 


    • Communications: Bejal Mehta
    • Co-Hospitality: Kaylee Meyer
    • Co-Hospitality: Tammy Hall
    • Membership: 



    Senior Activities

    • Kristen Shearin 

    Staff Advisor/Liaison

    • Deb Christensen


    • School Contact: Deb Christensen