Theatre Arts Audition Information

  • Updated 11/30/2023


    Check out the Audition Requirements on the Peforming Arts Website

    • Theatre Arts (Drama) students must first apply to Central Academy of Technology & Arts.
    • Theatre Arts (Drama) students must then audition for the Theatre Academy with the requirements listed below.  
    • The Theatre Academy will be accepting applications for the 2024-2025 Freshmen Theatre Class. Students accepted into the Theatre Academy will take core theatre classes specializing in acting, acting methods, theatre history, theatre literature, directing, and stage movement. Students have the opportunity to take elective classes in choir, band, songwriting, tech theatre, dance, and filmmaking.

      Students looking to enter the theatre arts pathway must submit 3 separate self-tapes (through the Google form on the website linked below) containing the following:

      1. Monologue: Your monologue must be between 1-2 minutes, must be memorized, and can be from anywhere (play, musical, movie, self-written, etc.). Please begin your video by saying your full name.
      2. Song: Your song can be a 16-32 bar cut, part of the song, or be the entire number based on your choosing. You may do it without accompaniment or you can sing to a karaoke track (do not sing with other voices). It is recommended that your song is from a musical, but it can also be a genre of your choosing. Please begin your video by stating your full name.
      3. Interview: Please video yourself answering the following questions:
        1. What does theatre mean to you? 
        2. What does the word community mean to you?  
        3. Does art change culture or does culture change our art and why do you think what you do?   
        4. How do you think you could be good for CATA and how do you think CATA could be good for you and/or why are you applying to CATA? 
        5. Is there anything else I should know about you?

      4. Technical Theater Portfolio (optional): Please submit a portfolio with projects you helped with. These can include, but are not limited to:

        1. Costume design

        2. Make up design
        3. Set design

        4. Lighting design


    Important Dates: