2018-2019 Theatre Arts Audition Information

  • Updated 2/16/18.

    • Theatre Arts (Drama) students must first apply to Central Academy of Technology & Arts.
    • Theatre Arts (Drama) students must then audition for the Theatre Academy with the requirements listed below.  (This audition is closed to parents/guardians; however, the parents are welcome to wait at the school during the audition times) Students who are not selected for the Theatre Academy based on their audition will be put into the lottery for his/her second choice academy.
    • All students are invited to participate in an optional pre-audition workshop held on the day of their audition. This is not required, but if you sign up it is expected that you attend the workshop. 
      • Saturday May 26, 2018 optional Pre-Audition Workshop 8-10 am
      • Saturday June 2, 2018 optional Pre-Audition Workshop 8-10 am
    • Required Theatre auditions will be the following dates:  All students are required to audition on one of the dates below (you must sign up in advance): 
      • Sat May 26, 2018 am auditions 10:00 am - Noon
      • Sat May 26, 2018 pm auditions  1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
      • Sat June 2, 2018  am auditions  10:00 am - Noon
      • Sat June 2, 2018  pm auditions  1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
    • All auditions will be recorded for in-house review only.

    Audition Requirements:

      1. Prepare and memorize a one to two minute monologue by an individual character in a play. The student should try to read the entire play from which the monologue is taken to aid in comprehension. The monologue must be completely memorized and rehearsed (a copy of the monologue should be brought to the audition).
      2. Prepare and memorize sixteen (16) to thirty-two (32) measures of a musical theatre song that best demonstrates your vocal ability.  Pop, rock, gospel, and classical selections are NOT to be selected. Singing ability is not a requisite for acceptance into the Theatre Academy, but it may be given consideration; it is not the primary determining factor in the audition process; the potential for vocal training will be assessed.
      3. All students auditioning are also invited to participate in an optional pre-audition workshop held on the day of their audition.  During this workshop, the theatre panel will be able to assess the students in a different context. This workshop will last approximately two hours and will focus on use of voice, movement, and imagination to improvise (pretend) a variety of situations and events in immediate response to the teachers’ directions. Loose-fitting clothes appropriate for physical exercise should be worn.
      4. Students will participate in a series of movement activities with others who are auditioning prior to the individual auditions.
      5. Students will participate in an interview process as part of the audition.
      6. Students are asked to bring a resume indicating any past experience in productions, classes, etc.
      7. Some students may be asked to participate in a callback session with established students after the initial auditions.  If a student is not present for that callback, the audition may be affected.

    Students will be assessed during the Audition and Workshop. The following criterion will be considered: 

    • Concentration – does the student stay focused on the task presented in the imaginary situation?
    • Imagination – how fully does the student use his/her imagination to create a character and the world in which the character exists?
    • Physical response – how well does the student use his/her body to create the specific circumstances of the imaginary situation?
    • Vocal quality – how easily and expressively does the student use his/her voice?
    • Memorization
    • Understanding of character and character’s situation
    • Demonstration of physicality
    • Ability to take direction
    • Ability to work with an ensemble and interact with others
    • Ability to use body in movement exercises
    • Ability to use voice to convey character through monologue and/or song
    • Ability to express oneself through an interview process 

    Theatre Arts Auditions Do’s and Don’ts

    1. DO prepare a one to two minute monologue from a play, spoken by one character.
    2. DO fully memorize and rehearse your monologue. Imagine yourself in the place where the speech is set in the play. Imagine the other character(s) to who the monologue may be given. Imagine yourself in the emotional and psychological circumstances of the character you are portraying.
    3. DON’T present a monologue that you wrote yourself!!
    4. DON’T bring props or set pieces for your audition. Chairs, and/or stools and a table will be available at the audition site.
    5. DON’T wear a costume for your audition.
    6. DON’T present a poem or a public address (for example, “The Gettysburg Address” or Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream”)

    Suggested Monologue Sources: Students may choose from the list below but are not limited to this list.

    www.monologuearchive.com (However, please read the entire play, these are only excerpted monologues)

    THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK  Anne Frank Anne
    THE MEMBER OF THE WEDDING  Carson McCullers Frankie
    MY LORD, WHAT A MOURNING Marian Anderson Marian
    THE EFFECTS OF GAMMA RAYS ON….  Paul Zindel  Janice
    DOES A TIGER WEAR A NECKTIE?  Don Peterson  Linda
    A TOUCH OF THE POET  Eugene O’Neill Sarah
    ANTIGONE Jean Anouilh  Ismeme
    THE LARK Jean Anouilh Joan
    A RAISIN IN THE SUN  Lorraine Hansbury  Beneatha
    THE RIMERS OF ELDRITCH  Lanford Wilson  Eva
    YOU’RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN Clark Gesner  Charlie
    NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS  Ira Levin  Will
    SUMMERTREE Ron Cowan Young Man
    AND PEOPLE ALL AROUND George Sklar Roger
    THE AMEN CORNER James Baldwin David
    THE RAINMAKER N. Richard Nash  Starbuck
    THE RIMERS OF ELDRITCH  Lanford Wilson Robert