Dress Code

  • Students are responsible for using good judgment in dress and grooming so that their dress and appearance do not present health and safety problems, damage school property, threaten, or disrupt the educational process. If a student’s dress or appearance is so unusual or inappropriate that it clearly disrupts class or learning activities, the student may be required to change his/her dress or appearance. When a student’s dress attracts undue attention to the body’s form and contour, it is inappropriate. The following dress code will be enforced at Piedmont High School:

    1. Dresses, shorts, and skirts must be long enough so that the individual’s hands, when fully extended downward, come to a rest at a point at or below the lowermost seam of the clothing. Slits in skirts must also follow the same guideline. Tops worn over leggings/yoga pants must cover the student’s midriff and posterior area.   Students who must pull or tug excessively at their clothing in order to comply with this policy will be found to be in violation.
    2. No cut t-shirts, deep plunging shirts, spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder tops, mesh tops, tube tops, or halter tops are allowed. All shirts should adequately cover the upper body.
    3. No undergarments are to be visible, including bra straps, bralettes, female underwear and male underwear, at any time.
    4. No midriffs should show; shirts must be longer than the waistline of skirts, shorts, or pants.
    5. No pajama pants of any kind.
    6. Pants and shorts are to be worn at the waist. Pants/shorts with holes are permitted as long as the holes are below fingertip length. Opaque tights may be worn underneath existing holes to enable students to remain in dress code. Non-permanent materials are not allowed. (tissue, tape, etc.)
    7. No neckbands, belts, or bracelets may be worn if they have metal spikes protruding from them.
    8. Wallet chains or any chains on clothing are not to be worn as they present a safety hazard.
    9. Clothing and other items may not display, advertise, or promote any product or activity that is illegal or that is not permitted at school. Words or symbols that are vulgar, obscene, or insulting for a person, group, or gender are prohibited.
    10. Gang attire (including but not limited to clothing with sewn-in bandanas, etc.) and gang symbols are prohibited on campus at all times. Please refer to Union County Public School Policy on Prohibition of Gangs and Gang Activities located in your student handbook.
    11. Hats are allowed in buildings with teacher discretion in classrooms.

    The faculty and administration reserve the right to question and discourage any attire considered in poor taste or disruptive to the educational process. 

    If a student is unable to adhere to the dress code, they will be asked to remain in ISS until a change of attire can occur.