Indian Trail Elementary NC Report Card

  • Dear Indian Trail Elementary Community,


    On September 7, 2023, the North Carolina Department of Instruction released statewide accountability results for each school in the district. These scores determine our School Performance Grade. The North Carolina School Report Card includes important information about each individual school as well as student performance, class sizes, attendance, school safety, student discipline, instructional resources, and teacher quality.


    I am pleased to announce for the 2023-2024 school year, Indian Trail Elementary School received a School Performance Grade of a B and, overall, exceeded growth in reading and met growth in math. This is a huge cause for celebration for our community and is a testament to the hard work of our teachers, staff, students and parents.


    Based on our school results, we have a plan to continue making strides to develop and refine our math skills, as well as to strategically address reading gaps. At Indian Trail Elementary, our plan will focus on three key areas: 1) academics; 2) culture; and 3) safety. Each of these areas contributes to the development of the whole child and impacts overall academic performance.


    • In academics, we are targeting literacy and will support our teachers with best instructional practices and application of the Science of Reading, which focuses on foundational reading skills. Among other strategies, we will be utilizing a Literacy Support Specialist to work with specific groups of students and be implementing a 2nd grade literacy tutoring model. In the area of math, we will implement a 4th grade math tutoring model and continue to provide high quality math instruction through the 3E math model.
    • Regarding culture, we are emphasizing the importance of in-school attendance and creating an inclusive school culture for all of our families. We want to partner with you to build a strong connection between home and school and provide families with strategies to support learning at home.
    • In the area of safety, we have introduced a new set of expectations that focuses on students having respect for self, others, learning and the environment. As a school, we are placing a focus on providing students with the tools that are necessary to be the most successful they can and utilizing a leadership notebook to track goals and progress. Each morning all classrooms will participate in Habit Time and will be integrating the LeaderInMe 7 Habits with the UCPS Portrait of a Graduate attributes.


    We are asking all of our families to partner with Indian Trail Elementary School by:

    1. Ensuring students arrive at school on-time every day as instruction begins promptly at 7:30am
    2. Demonstrating a positive view of education at home
    3. Encouraging reading
    4. Maintaining consistent communication with your child’s teacher on current performance and areas of improvement.
    5. Using similar language to our new school "SOLE" expectations


    At Indian Trail Elementary, we are dedicated to providing your children with the highest quality education and are looking forward to continuing to work together to make this another successful year at The Trail. If you have questions about the school report card or our school improvement initiatives, please reach out. Your feedback is important and valuable. Thank you for your support!



    Katelyn Lustig


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