Media Center

  • Mission:

    The media center at WUES Elementary School is an open environment for students and staff, focusing on communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.  Reading, research, technology, and inquiry are supported by the media center teacher through teaching and collaborating with students and teachers. Love of literacy is encouraged each day as students are exposed to quality children’s literature and active engagement with books.


    Research and Statistics:

    The library collection includes over 12,000 books. During the 2023-2024 school year, 10,791 books were circulated. Students were taught lessons on digital citizenship, the research process, types of media, information literacy and design.

    Decades of research shows that school libraries with a trained librarian working on a flexible schedule positively impacts student learning at all levels. Check out this data sheet from the US National Commission on Libraries and Information Science and this Scholastic Kids and Reading Research Report to find out more about research on the impact of school libraries and current reading data.

    Scheduling and Resources

    The media center operates on a fixed schedule within the Specials rotation. Please contact Brita Mann if you are interested in volunteering in the media center.

    Subscription Databases: Password Protected (contact school for information)

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