• Meet Our DLI Teachers


    • Kindergarten - Senorita Gomez

    My name is Andreína Gómez Reyes. I was born and raised in Ecuador, a lovely and small country in South America. I have a degree in teaching English and a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Universidad Tecnica de Ambato.  I started my teaching career while very young, which has given me the opportunity to work with people of all ages. My first years as a teacher were at a language institute, then at an elementary school and my last job before moving to the United States was at a university. Last year I had the privilege of starting working at Western Union Elementary.

    In Ecuador, I lived with my parents, my two sisters and my brother. Even though I miss my country, the United Stated feels like home to me thanks to my second family here, Waxhaw Bible Church and JAARS, Inc. I love reading, biking, spending time with friends and eating healthy food. I am passionate about teaching and learning.


    • 1st Grade - Senora Sanguinetti

    My name is Maria Virginia Sanguinetti and I am from Venezuela. This is my fifteenth year as an educator, and my second year as the first grade DLI teacher at Western Union. I graduated with a degree of Teaching Modern Languages from La Universidad del Zulia in Venezuela. I studied English at the University of Delaware, and I have a Master’s in Education from Framingham State College.

    I have been very fortunate to come to work in Union county for the second time in my life. From 2004 to 2007, I taught ESL at Monroe Middle and East Elementary. I enjoy living in this part of the world, and I share this joy with my husband and two children.


    • 2nd Grade - Senorita Forero


    My name is Sonia Marcela Forero Castañeda. I was born and raised in Colombia and lived there until 2015, when I came to the States to join the Western Union Elementary School Dual Language Immersion family. I am the Second Grade Spanish Immersion lead teacher and this is my fifth year in this position.

    Helping kids develop their potential and become competent, loving, ethical individuals is something I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember, which is the reason why I decided to become a teacher. I attended Pontifical Xaverian University in Bogotá, Colombia and graduated from the Humanities and Spanish Language Teaching program in 2011. I have been an immersion teacher for over 7 years and have loved every second of it.


    • 3rd Grade - Senorita Soto


    My name is Indira Carolina Soto, I am from Colombia (South America) and I have enjoyed being part of the Dual Language Immersion group in Western Union Elementary School. This experience has allowed me to realize the importance of being bilingual in our global world and the happiness to know that I am helping with the academic foundation of biliterate children.  

    I have been working in the educational field for 8 years, starting with college students, then high school and middle school teenagers and nowadays I have the opportunity to work with kids from elementary school.  I got a bachelors' degree in Spanish, English and French in 2012 from La Salle University, Colombia and a Master degree in Education in 2016 from ICESI University, Colombia. Currently, I am developing a PhD in Education at International Iberoamerican University, Mexico where I am developing a research related to biliteracy and parents support.   


    • 4th Grade - Senorita Orosia Cortez

    My name is Orosia Cortez. I am from Peru and I have lived there all my life. Peru is a well-known country because of its rich culture, great food, amazing Andean highlands such as “Machu Picchu” and the amazon jungle. I am very proud of my country and came to Western Union Elementary School to share my culture and be part of the Dual Language Immersion family. When I came, I felt really supported and embraced by teachers, parents and school community.

    I have worked as a Language teacher and a class tutor for more than 20 years. My experience includes teaching at IB schools in Lima, Peru from Kinder to 9th grade. I have worked many project based learning activities in units of inquiry, field trips to different regions of Peru, exhibitions and environmental projects. I attended Instituto Pedagogico Nacional Monterrico in Surco, Peru and Universidad Mayor de San Marcos in Lima and got my bachelor degree as a Language teacher. I also studied at Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano and got my master degree at Universidad San Martin de Porres.

    I am proud to be a teacher and I love enjoying learning with my kids in class every day. Thanks WUES for this opportunity!  


    • 5th Grade - Senorita Ramirez


    • DLI Resident - Senorita Marisa Diaz

    My name is Marisa Fernanda Diaz. I am from Argentina. I have worked as an English teacher at three elementary schools and at an English Language Institute.  This is my fifth year as a teacher and my first year working as a co-teacher in WUES.

    In 2011, I studied English as a Second Language at L..A.D.O International Institute in Arlington, Virginia. Once, I returned to Argentina I became an English teacher from ISM, San Miguel de Tucuman. Currently, I am developing a Bachelor of children’s literature at UNL, Santa Fe.

    I love teaching children, this is a great opportunity to grow professionally while learning from your culture and sharing mine.



    •  English Literacy in DLI - Jennifer Dobbins