Tardy Policy


    At CATA, instruction is very important. All students are expected to be in their classrooms and ready to receive instruction before the tardy bell rings for each class. Following the tardy bell, students who are not in class must report to the front office for a tardy pass if they tardy to first period. During the rest of the day, teachers will mark student tardy in the PowerSchool Attendance System. Only students with a Tardy Pass will be admitted after the tardy bell rings for first period.

    Tardies will be recorded as unexcused unless staff can verify an excuse. Tardies will result in the following penalties:
    All students must report to the office when tardy to first period and to class the rest of the day.

    1st/2nd Tardy Warning / no other punishment
    3rd Tardy Warning / Parent contact- Call- Letter or email
    4th/5th Tardy 1 day ASD / parent contact
    6th/7th Tardy 1 day Saturday School / parent contact
    8th Tardy Parent conference, plan created, possible additional consequences

    The administration reserves the right to modify consequences on a case-by-case basis whenever appropriate. This may include loss of parking privileges. Students arriving on late buses will not be considered tardy.