Dance Auditions

  • Updated 11/9/18.

    Dance Auditions

    • Dance students must first apply for admission to Central Academy of Technology & Arts.
    • Dance students must then audition for the dance positions in the Academy of the Arts. This audition is closed to parents/guardians; however, the parents are welcome to visit the facilities during the audition times.
    • CATA’s Performing Arts academies, Theatre Arts and Dance, require an audition. Students who do not pass their audition will be put into the lottery for his/her other academy choice. Students applying for the Dance pathway must attend an audition. The first audition choice will be Saturday, May 25th at 10:00 AM.  The second audition choice will be on Saturday, June 1st at 10:00 AM.

    Audition Requirements:

    1. All applicants participate in ballet and modern dance classes.
    2. Prepare and rehearse a solo dance one-minute in length in any style, preferably self- choreographed. The importance of rehearsing your solo cannot be overstated. Music for the solo dance must be brought to the audition.
    3. Students will participate in an interview process as part of the audition
    4. Students are asked to bring a head shot and dance resume indicating any past experience in performances, classes, etc
    5. The entire audition may last up to 3-5 hours.


    For the Audition, wear a leotard and light-colored dance tights for girls and dark dance tights for boys. Tight fitting mid-thigh shorts (Spandex or Lycra) and a close fitting tee shirt for both girls and boys are acceptable. Ballet slippers or socks should be worn. NO POINTE SHOES. Loose fitting clothing such as sweatpants should not be worn. Legs must be clearly visible. Girls’ hair should be securely pinned back off the face and neck.

    No jewelry is to be worn.

    Criteria used for Academy Acceptance:

    • Dance Technique
    • Body Alignment
    • Performance Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Creativity

    Is previous dance training necessary to be accepted?

    No, the dance instructor(s) are looking for dance potential of each applicant. Previous training or the lack of training is not necessarily a determining factor in acceptance into the program at Central Academy of Technology and Arts.

    If there are any questions, please direct them to Mrs. Cyphers at (704) 296-3088.


    Pablo PICASSO
    The Three Dancers

    Oil on canvas
    215 x 142 cm
    Tate Gallery, London