• Ms. Tia Drake - 10th grade counselor

    Summer Ventures

    Attention Sophomores: If you are interested in science and mathematics and you're looking for a good summer enrichment program, you should consider Summer Ventures.  There is no cost for this 4-week program.  For more information, see your guidance counselor.

    North Carolina School of Science and Math

    The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics is our nation's first public residential high school with a specialized curriculum in science and math. This highly selective school serves 650 juniors and seniors. Recruitment for admissions occurs during the sophomore year.

    This page is designed to provide information necessary for sophomores to prepare for the college application process. It is not meant to replace the interaction that sophomores can have with the MHS College Counseling Staff. Rather, think of this as a complement to the student-counselor relationship. As the MHS College Counseling Staff discovers new information for sophomores, we will put it here for your use.

    Valuable links below will help to get to some of the information you need. Below is a overview of the planning process:

    • Update the extracurricular activities list you began last year and review your academic goals.
    • Evaluate your performance and your interest in each academic area. If you are strong in a particular subject or subjects, consult with your advisor about taking honors level and AP classes.
    • Prepare to take the PSAT. Use the PSAT Bulletin and practice test that you will receive from your college counselor to become familiar with test format and the types of questions found on the PSAT.
    • Take the PSAT in the fall. 
    • Visit colleges informally and use study hall and activity time to explore the resources available in the counseling center and on the Internet. 
    • In March, attend the College Night Program for sophomores prior to registration for junior year classes.