• Kindergarten Kindergarten is a fun and exciting year when children begin to gain the foundations of both reading and writing.  Kindergarten teachers follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for all areas of the curriculum while incorporating rich learning centers, field studies, and learning experiences in the classroom to help support the curriculum.  Such activities may include a pow wow, beach day, a workshop to help understand goods and services, and "Party Pets" where children get to see, feel, and learn about animals in their environment. 

    Kindergarten is proud to have a literacy night to support families in helping their child become strong readers and writers.  We have planned the night around nursery rhymes where kindergarten families come to participate in learning centers, enjoy snacks, take a family picture with our mascot Chip the Bear, and most importantly receive lots of information on how they can help their children at home.

    Kindergarten teachers take an active part in outside activities for their students as well such as participating PTO meetings and parent nights.