Fourth Grade

  • stepping into fourth grade Get ready for fun, friends, and fabulous learning in fourth grade!

    In fourth grade, students will learn reading strategies to help them become critical readers.  They will be involved in book clubs to talk about the books that they read.  Fourth graders learn to think deeply about their reading.

    As writers, students continue working with the writing process approach.  Students should know how to spell basic words from kindergarten through third grade and should be using basic conventions such as capital letters at the beginning of sentences and punctuation at the end of sentences.

    Students will learn about multiplication, division, numbers up to a million, area, perimeter, and much more in math!  The students should have basic facts for addition and subtraction memorized as this is essential for working with multi-digit numbers.  Memorizing multiplication facts is a part of fourth grade math.

    Our units of study in science are rocks and minerals, animal adaptations, magnets and electricity, and food and nutrition.  Fourth grade students do a big project on an animal of their choice.  In social studies, the focus is on the state of North Carolina.  Students do a project to show the three regions of North Carolina.

    In fourth grade students can join Sardis Sound, our school's chorus.  It is also the year when they continue learning to play the recorder!

    Fourth grade is a terrific year!