Online Databases

  • Online Databases Description


    A collection of eight online social studies databases featuring primary and secondary sources.
    Britannica Britannica Online School Edition ofers encyclopedias and related materials for students of all level.
    Cultrue Grams CultureGrams details 25 different aspects of every country recognized by the United Nations. Local experts document unique, intimate details of each country's customs, traditions, and daily life.
    Discovery Education Discovery Educations provides online video resources, but also includes images, clip art, sounds, encylcopedia articles, activities, and writing prompts.
    Ebsco EBSCOhost IntegratedSearch (EHIS) allows users to search multiple resources within one familiar interface.
    NC Wiseowl NC WiseOwl provides free online resources for public schools in North Carolina.
    Teaching books An online, multimedia collection of resources about K-12 books, authors and illustrators that help enoucourage students to read and enjoy reading.