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    Make Up Cap and Gown Orders

    Tuesday, October 24th during SmartLunches

    MRHS Cafe 

    Last Day to order Cap and Gown Friday, November 10th Josten's
    Senior Yearbook Ads Deadline to order: January 22, 2024 Josten's

    Cap and Gown Pick Up

    Wednesday, April 10th during SmartLunches

    MRHS Cafe

    MRHS Prom

    Saturday, April 13th

    Tickets   /  Guest Form

    Pay all outstanding fees

    Complete CPR Graduation Requirement



    Complete 3 tasks in order to claim Graduation Tickets

    SCOIR Tasks

    Scholarship Reporting

    UCPS Senior Survey

    Directions for 3 Tasks

    Scholarship Reporting Form 

    Deadline to report: May 15, 2024


    Claim Graduation Tickets

    Beginning May 4, 2024

    Tickets   Tickets FAQ

    Elementary School Clap Out

    Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    see Senior Week Flyer for details

    Senior Field Day

    Thursday, May 23, 2024

    see Senior Week Flyer for details

    Senior Yearbook Distribution/ Signing

    Friday, May 24, 2024

    see Senior Week Flyer for details

    Senior Sunrise Breakfast / Decision Day

    Tuesday, May 28, 2024

    see Senior Week Flyer for details

    Senior Awards Day

    Wednesday, May 29, 2024

    see Senior Week Flyer for details

    Class of 2024 Color Crush

    Thursday, May 30

    see Senior Week Flyer for details

    Graduation Practice

    Tuesday, June 11 @9 am

    MRHS Cafe/ Stadium

    Graduation- Class of 2024 - Seniors report to MRHS Cafeteria at 6:45pm

    Wednesday, June 12th @ 8 pm

    MRHS Stadium


    48 hours after the graduation ceremony, parents or guardians will receive an email from CADY with a link to view and order their images. If they do not receive an email for some reason, they can also go to our website to look up their images by going to and search for their school. 



  • Graduation Information  


      Graduation:  Wednesday, June 12, 2024 @ 8 pm  - MRHS Stadium

    * Be sure you are taking note of any fees owed as you will not be able to participate in graduation if you have any outstanding fee balances
    Graduation Packet 
    Available at graduation practice


    Each graduate will be able to claim 8 tickets, at no cost, for their family.  The ticket claim link will go live in the first week in May.  (The graduating Senior does not need a ticket).

    Graduation Arrival

    Students should report to the stadium by TBD on the day of graduation. Assigned staff members will conduct a check-in process. Phones and purses are to be left in the cars.  Parents are not allowed in the area where students are lining up.

    Graduation is Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 8pm at the Marvin Ridge High School stadium.
    Graduation Dress Code

    A dress in solid white or pastel (no collar because of the design of the graduation robe); OR dress slacks in white or cream with a collar-less shirt; dressy shoes or sandals in white or light cream, flats are recommended.  No flip-flop styles - shoes must have straps.


    Dark blue or black dress pants – fitting at the waist with a belt, long-sleeve white collared shirt, dark tie, and dark dress shoes - no tennis shoes, between the toe styles, or sneakers

    Note:  No purses or bags are allowed. All Seniors should leave their cell phones in their car OR with their parents during the graduation ceremony. 

    Robes & Tassels

    If you have not ordered your cap and gown visit ALL Seniors are REQUIRED to have both a tassel and medallion to participate. *The cap and gown package comes with tassel and medallion and is $48.95 plus tax.  The cost to purchase the medallion and tassel separately is $37.31.

    Students - the medallion and tassels cannot be ordered online; you will need to call the office and ask for Audrey or Sandra. The tassels online are not the ones for the cap and gown. 910-895-8471

    Students receive their cap, gown, and tassel in the spring when Jostens delivers to all seniors. Medallions will be handed out to Seniors at Graduation, and one has been ordered for each senior. You will be charged if not paid for with your order.

    You can contact Russ Honrine from here as well

    HERE you can find the senior class gear video.

    HERE you can find the updated class rings video


    Here's a friendly reminder NOT to put a hot iron onto your graduation gown or put it into the dryer. They have a tendency to melt. You will need to take it out of the bag and let it hang as soon as possible. You can use a press cloth and LOW heat to remove the wrinkles or take it to Mills Cleaners. They will steam it out for free.





    Each year, students tell us what scholarships they've earned and how much over 4 years they will be receiving.  Reporting scholarship dollars helps us immensely, as we can help current and future students find out where the scholarship dollars are!  Reporting your scholarships to Counseling helps us find MORE scholarships for our students!  You help us understand trends to understand the overall scholarship landscape.  The class of 2023 earned the highest dollar amount of scholarship dollars in MRHS history: $26,672,787!  Students reported their scholarships and were congratulated on Awards Day and at graduation.  Reporting your scholarships helps MRHS counselors find viable scholarships for future students and earns recognition for our school.  More recognition means higher acceptance rates and scholarship dollars!  Scholarships & student names WILL be available via a QR code link available at Graduation. Scholarship $ amounts won't be included.  $ Dollar amounts are strictly confidential!  Submit this Google Form for EACH scholarship earned - whether you are accepting it or not.  


    Honor Cords distribution:  Typically distributed at Graduation Practice

    Sponsors of Honor Clubs will provide information to students regarding the graduation cords.  



    **Please note that this information is subject to change until we get closer to the graduation date.