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    AAPPL Assessment for students in 2nd and 5th Grade

    Students in 2nd grade will be assessed in Interpersonal Listening and Speaking (ILS).

    Students in 5th grade will be assessed in four language components:

    Interpretive Listening (IL),

    Interpretive Reading (IR),

    Interpersonal Listening and Speaking (ILS), and

    Presentational Writing (PW)

    Each section of the assessment takes approximately 30 minutes for students to complete. The testing window for the AAPPL is April 19-30. Students on Plan A or B must take the assessment at school. Only students who are on Plan D will be permitted to take the at-home version of the AAPPL.

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    AAPPL Test Overview



    2020-2021 Dual Language Parent Advisory Committee Agenda and Minutes

    September 1st, 2020

     December 1st, 2020

    February 9th, 2021

    April 20th, 2021