Fourth Grade DL/I

  • Fourth Grade DLI



    ¡Hola! My Name is Mr. Santiago Reig! I´m from Spain! I live in Waxhaw, NC with my family, which includes my wife, Isa, and our two children. We have twins, Irene and Celia. They are 4th grade y students in Weddington. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling around the world together and playing tennis, soccer, volleyball, golf whatever I love sports . I´m a 4th grade teacher and this will be my 20th year teaching & my second year in USA in Weddington Elementary School.

    I grew up in Valencia, Spain that it is a beautiful city on the east coast near the Mediterranean Sea.  We have amazing beaches! Spain is full of culture everywhere. Its cuisine is very varied and traditions are incredible. I invite you to discover Spain! I can help you! I am excited to share a lot of things of my culture!.

    My personal challenge as a Dual Language Teacher this school year is that all of my students be HAPPY in their class. This is the most important base to develop future knowledge. I want them to feel comfortable and confident learn a new language.