New Student Registration

  • The student and their legal parent or guardian must live in the Forest Hills High School district before we can register your student(s). To view the FHHS district, click this link.

    Enrollments with UCPS are now handled online, through Scribbles.

    If you have a special residency situation in which a parent or guardian may not have documentation showing residency in our district, you will be asked to speak with Dr. Debbie Taylor, Director of School Compliance ((704) 296-1005, ext 4090) before you register. If you are granted special permission to attend FHHS, it must be re-applied for EVERY ACADEMIC YEAR.

    If a student and their family are living with another family in our district, a Certificate of Residence must be completed and notarized. This form can be obtained from the Counseling Office at Forest Hills High School. Appropriate address documentation must accompany this form.

    To Register a Student, Parents or Guardians Will Need All of the Following Items:

    1. A completed registration packet. (The packet is available for download here or may be picked up in the Counseling Office.)
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Photo ID for parent or guardian
    4. Name, Telephone Number, and Address of the previous school attended
    5. Report Card, Transcript, or Grade Placement Information
    6. Immunization Records (Required within 30 days or possible suspension)
    7. Two proofs of residence**
      • **The following are acceptable documents to prove residency:
        1. Notarized rental/closing papers
        2. Utility bills (electric, telephone, gas, etc.)
        3. Driver’s license and automobile registration
        4. Car insurance and property insurance policies
        5. Income tax W-2 form and property tax bill