• 11th Grade year to-do list:

    -Work hard - grades from the junior year are the last ones that will show on the transcript when you apply to college 

    -Stay involved - Clubs/organizations at Forest Hills

    -Update resume - if you continue to update your resume it will make college/scholarship applications much easier!

    -College fairs - attend local college fairs and learn about admission requirements 

    -College tours - start touring schools to determine the ones you are really interested in 

    -Take the ACT/SAT - these are given to all 11th graders at Forest Hills.  It is recommended that students register to re-take whichever test they score higher in


    Standardized Tests

    Test Dates

    Register for the ACT and SAT

    Khan Academy:  SAT prep

    SAT practice with Collegeboard

    How to enroll in Number2.com, a great resource for ACT prep

    ACT Test Prep

    All UCPS students have access to self-paced ACT/SAT practice through a program called Albert.  Students should log in using Clever (found on their student startup page)  Tutorial: Albert login for ACT/SAT practice exercises


    Helpful Links

    Parents!  Use these directions to become a Canvas observer in your student's courses.  This is a great way to track your student's progress in their courses.  Observers are not able to submit work on behalf of the students they observe, but they can see student grades, assignments, and calendar events.

    Attendance Policy

    UCPS List of Critical Community Resources

    UCPS College Readiness Parent Series