AFJROTC Cadet Leadership Course (CLC)

  • Background:  Parkwood AFJROTC normally attends one CLC session per summer at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC. The concept of a cadet leadership school is almost as old as the AFJROTC program.  Instructors have long realized that a “finishing school” for the most promising cadets will accomplish several things.  It will help them hone those skills which will make them more productive members of their unit. It will also provide them with the ultimate test of teamwork as they accomplish goals with cadets from other units. Finally, the cadet leadership school will boost self-confidence and esteem as the graduate achieves a level of achievement above that of many of his peers. It is an effective measure of how well the cadet has internalized the principles and training provided.

    Authority for the School:  All cadet leadership schools must be approved by HQ Holm Center.  The Senior Aerospace Science Instructor who establishes the school serves as the director of the program and has the authority to operate the school in accordance with Air Force and AFJROTC directives.  The director enters into contract with the host institution and, therefore, has the authority to determine how many units can attend the school, what training should be provided, and what instructor responsibilities should be.  Units desiring to attend the school must cooperate with the AFJROTC unit establishing the school and follow the policies and guidelines set forth.

    Duration of the School:  The CLC will normally last six training days with arrival on Sunday and departure on the next Saturday.



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